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Stormi Steele

Source: Canvas Beauty Brand / Canvas Beauty Brand

Stormi Steele is a woman who truly follows her instincts. As the CEO of the multi-million-dollar brand Canvas Beauty Brand, the former hairstylist created a concoction using a household ingredient that stimulates hair growth.

Together with her team, Stormi continues to change the narrative about hair growth and texture, while reminding her clients of their inner beauty. Her signature Hair Growth Serum has helped hundreds of thousands of men, women and children regrow their natural hair.

Stormi experimented with formulas until she discovered the benefits of cayenne pepper, which stimulates blood flow leading to hair growth. Combined with other natural ingredients, she hd the recipe to a hair potion that would make her millions. When I asked her how did all of this come about? She replied eloquently, in a dream. From that moment, she took me on a journey of sacrifice, disbelief and verbal abuse. But against all odds, in two years, Stormi has amassed over 15 million dollars in sales. When we spoke, she was settling into her brand new home and still looking for the spots with the best reception.

“I actually wanted to be a nurse, well my mother wanted me to be” said Stormi beginning our conversation “I grew up in a very small town. My graduating class had 50 people in it. The goals were to buy land, get a trailer and a car then work 9-5.”

But Stormi had bigger dreams and knew she needed to pursue them after suffering a bout of depression in college. “I had always did what I was told. I had no business in college. I hated it there. But it was exactly where my family thought I should be.” When she called her mother, she thought she would be welcomed with understanding. Instead, she was put to shame.

“My mother called me every name in the book but I couldn’t go on feeling like this.” “I woke up and with $800 in my pocket, I moved to Huntsville, Alabama. I had to trust myself.”

Within seven days of arriving in Alabama, Stormi landed a job in a salon. She hit the pavement and promoted herself to all the women in the area. Despite her growing clientele, Stormi had to hand over 40 percent of her earnings to the salon owner.

Stormi Steele

Source: Canvas Beauty Brand / Canvas Beauty Brand

“It taught me how to save.” Stormi explained. “It taught me to survive on less than what I made.” The lesson would prove purposeful when she opened her own salon a year later. People from all over flopped into her chair and each time she transformed their hair and their confidence. Releasing them into the world renewed. The main concern was always hair growth. Whether they were dealing with alopecia, hormonal imbalance, stress or even age, Stormi knew how to help.

That spark inspired her to create her own products in 2014. Four years later, she once again stepped on faith and by the following summer had made 1 million dollars in sales. Amongst Stormi’s line is the Full Bloom Amplifying Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Follicle Booster, Edge Bae, and last but not least the Hair Blossom Serum. As the Canvas Beauty Brand’s best seller, the serum has a whopping 497 reviews, four times the amount of any other product.

Stormi Steele has been in business for just two years selling products that were handpicked in a dream. As of August, she grossed 15 million dollars in revenue. When I asked her what she loved about what she does, she replied “Educating people about hair health and removing the stigma surrounding hair growth. My goal is to use all that I’ve learned to a bridge and educate her consumers on how to help themselves — ensure they not only understand what it does but what’s in it.”

For a woman who dropped out of school and faced insurmountable odds, Stormi has done well for herself. And did it her way.

Stormi is a motivational speaker detailing her story of success and disappoint as Black CEO. Now that she has the land and house big enough to fit the trailer, and car, I jokingly asked “You think you’ll ever go get a 9-5?” “I don’t think I’ll ever need one.” I couldn’t agree more.


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