Making your own custom upholstered headboard can be a fun and satisfying project to add personality to your bedroom. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to do. Here’s a quick and easy way to make your own headboard: 

Here’s what you’ll need:

. Long tape measure

. Plywood for the fabric-covered backing

. Plywood pieces to assemble the legs

. Sandpaper

. One roll of cotton batting

. Fabric of your choice, which will make the actual exterior covering

. Jig saw to cut your wood

. Screwdriver and a few screws

. A staple gun

. Anything else you wish to adorn your headboard with such as beads, lace trim or buttons

Step One:

Measure the width of your bed and decide how high you want your headboard to be. It is best to make the fabric covered portion of your headboard *begin* at the top of the box spring, so allow a bit of extra height to compensate for this. Decide on a top shape you desire for your headboard. Ideas include straight across, an arch shape, or a wave-like design.

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Step Two:

Ask the sales person at your local lumber supplies store to cut you a piece of wood in the exact dimension you wish your headboard to be. This saves you the additional step of having to cut at home to suit your needs. Have them cut two pieces approximately 2 ½ feet long by a few inches wide, which will act as the legs of the headboard. If you are looking to cut the top of your headboard into a certain pattern, you can do this at home with your jig saw. When you have the desired shape, sand around any rough edges of your headboard first to smooth out any flaws in the wood. Proceed to cover your headboard with a layer of upholstery foam by stapling. Next cover the headboard with a few layers of cotton batting, cut to the desired size.

Step three:

If desired, cover your headboard with a plain white layer of fabric, and then cover with your desired decorative fabric, securing with staples. Be sure to wrap the material around the headboard, stapling to the back. As you are stapling, gently pull the fabric regularly to smooth out any buckles. Trim your headboard with a decorating roping or beadwork, if desired. This is especially useful in hiding rough edges. You can use a strong adhesive glue gun to attach your trim.

Step four:

Attach the legs by screwing securely the two planks of wood into the base of the headboard. Attach the headboard directly to the wall, if desired, or push it up against the wall and push the bed tightly against it to hold it in place.

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