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Jackie Aina is an advocate for women. She uses her platform to empower Black women and hold beauty brands accountable like when she called out FashionNova for profiting off Black dollars but not putting their coin where their mouth is. So it was surprising when the beloved beauty guru revealed she was receiving disheartening messages about her skin tone. Really? 

“I can’t tell you how many times I’m just living my best life, being carefree, being Black, being a woman, being all of those things, and then here comes someone with the suggestion nobody asked for,” she explained while rocking a denim colored bikini.

Apparently folks felt the need to suggest Jackie even out her skin tone, especially in the area around her inner thighs.

“There are two things that will never be up for discussion: my hair and my complexion,” the bombshell influencer says in five-minute Instagram video. In other words, no one asked for your raggedy a** opinions.

“Sometimes you may be pointing out something the receiver may have never noticed, and there’s a lot of truth to when people say, influencers only notice the negative. Out of all the amazing comments I got after posting that video — the only messages that I could really remember and really stick to were the ones where girls were messaging me saying, ‘Hey try this bleaching cream. Hey, I see your knees…I see the inner thighs of your legs are a little dark.”

Jackie continued to also explain that the problematic messages were coming from women who were lighter than her. But that’s another story.

In short, if she doesn’t ask for your opinion, don’t give it. And that’s on that.


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