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Kubra Kay Razor Relief

Source: Kubra Kay / Kubra Kay Razor Relief

Thanks to Covid-19, I’ve been forced to return to the ghetto when it comes to hair removal. As a proud European Wax Center wax pass holder for years now, having to go back to shaving has not been my cup of tea. And my underarms aren’t exactly pleased either.

Though I’ve been on the Brazillian bandwagon for about four years now, it was only about 18 months ago that I began getting my underarms waxed as well. After noticing irritation and papules, also known as ingrown hair bumps, and pustules (small pus-filled bumps), were becoming a frequent occurrence after shaving twice a week, I switched over to waxing and found relief. Unfortunately, within a matter of weeks of going back to shaving due to my wax location being closed, the same irritation and bumps returned to my underarm area.

One night after showering and examining the red discoloration that accompanied my itchy pits, I remembered that I’d been sent a set of products from Kubra Kay Skincare and one of the items was Razor Relief. The cream promises instant relief from waxing and shaving irritation thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties, which you can thank tee tree oil for. The product also contains glycolic acid to improve the texture of the skin, and Turmeric, which helps reduce acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and discoloration. And though it’s called razor relief, the cream can be applied after shaving, waxing, or electrolysis on the face, neck, legs, underarm, or bikini area.

Kubra Kay Razor Relief

Source: Kubra Kay / Kubra Kay Razor ReliefAfter just one night’s use, the itchy irritation and red discoloration under my arms were gone. Though I thought the lightweight cream was lovely, because I’d taken a night off from the new deodorant I’d recently switched to, part of me wondered if the relief was more from that than the product. Still, I kept using the cream nightly because I liked how it felt on my skin and because I didn’t want to overdo it with my clinical strength deo.

About four days in, I noticed the real magic of Razor Relief. For at least the past year, I’ve had a recurring pustule under my right armpit that many of my waxers have drained during my appointments, only for it to return the next month. I’d personally given up hope of it ever going away so I’ve just left it alone, then one morning I noticed it began draining all on its own. I squeezed the remaining pus from the bump (sorry!), and for the first time in a long time it became so small that it’s now nearly flesh with the rest of my skin and has lightened in color as well. That, I know for sure, is the result of Razor Relief which has made me more than a believer in the Kubra Kay brand which was launched by Khadidja Fatima Toure in July 2019. The products in the Kubra Kay line are inspired by the skincare tips Toure picked up along her travels throughout more than 25 countries and also pay homage to her West African roots. (You can check out the entire collection here.)

Though I’ll soon be kissing shaving goodbye again, I’m definitely keeping Razor Relief in my Beauty Cabinet. Not only has it eliminated my underarm irritation, it restored my confidence in lifting my arms up and made this area of my skin silky smooth again. The fact that this product is owned by a Black woman is the cherry on top of this amazing cream.