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You’ve seen Kendall Reynolds statement stilettos on your favorite celeb. Rihanna stepped out in her “Pout” boot earlier this year and we’ve been swooning over the shoe designer ever since. While many Italian shoe collections are limited in size, Kendall Miles Designs goes up to a size 14.

In an interview with Vogue, Reynolds opened up about her business, how grateful she is to serve her growing clientelle and how she learned to embrace her natural hair. “I’m grateful for the opportunity and for the support I receive from the ever-growing Kendall Miles family,” she said.

Reynolds also opened up about embracing her natural hair, which is styled in her favorite style — knotless braids. But she wasn’t always in love with it.

Like many women, she had to forge a new relationship with her hair that didn’t involve the negative stigmas around Black hair. “Growing up, I was taught that my natural hair was unruly and unmanageable,” Kendall revealed.

“It was so hard! I hated it! But I was so relieved to not need relaxer, heat, and extensions. I finally felt free. I fell in love with the freedom.” The process taught Reynolds patience when it came to her entrepreneurial ventures: “[it] built my appreciation for my being and my talent simultaneously.”

To care for her coils, Reynolds says she keeps her hair moisturized.

“Moisture is everything for my hair, so it goes without saying that my favorite products are those that thoroughly hydrate my curls.” She keeps it pretty simple, revealing she uses creams and oils to keep her hair hydrated. “I’ll just spray my hair with water, coat my hair with a cream moisturizer, and oil my scalp.” According to the prestigious glossy, she swears by TGIN’s Honey Miracle Mask and her hair steamer

Going into detail about her journey to love her hair, she shared a frustration many women have. “Every time I choose a ‘hair goals’ inspiration, I end up frustrated that my hair doesn’t look like theirs, grow as fast as theirs, et cetera. Now, my biggest hair inspiration is my future self.”

For anyone exploring their natural hair journey, Reynold’s recommends doing whats best for your hair and not worrying about when everyone else is doing.

“Don’t trust what someone says works for them to work for you. Try and test as many methods as you can to figure out which make your hair the most happy.”

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