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“Alexa, play Please Don’t Touch My Hair…”

Derek, Ruth and Summer are an interracial family of three who document their daily lives on their popular Youtube channel “Life Less Scripted.” 

Ruth typically wears braids or twists of sorts but due to the coronavirus pandemic, she’s been unable to get her hair redone. So she did what every woman has been doing during this time: she decided to take her weave out and manage her natural hair. While Ruth has done a few hairstyle reveal videos, this time she made the decision to reveal her real hair.

She set up the camera to do her first reveal of her short kinky fro to the audience. Then it was Derek’s turn.

Derek was visually shaken upon laying eyes on Ruth’s natural fro and it gets even more cringe-worthy from there.

“What?!” Ruth exclaims before Derek makes his way out the bedroom. “Who are you and what have you done with Ruth? Who is this woman I see before me, before my eyes?” he says making his way toward his wife. “Wow. So this is it huh?! Wow your real natural hair. Interesting. You’re a whole different person. You’re not…Wow. It’s nice.”

He puts his hand in her hair then smells his fingers, “It’s nice. It’s coconut-y.” Derek continues to digest his wife’s new appearance by awkwardly gawking at it. “It’s cute,” he says. “It’s not bad. I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m just saying it’s really different. You’re still beautiful.”

They kiss. Well then… Watch it below:

Ruth isn’t the first women to reveal her real hair, during the pandemic, to her significant other. Our own writer D’ Shonda wrote about her experience showing her boyfriend her natural tresses.

With beauty salons and barber shops closed, it’s the perfect time to get reacquainted with your hair and love up on it.


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