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“Yo we got mousse?” is how it began. A deep voice resonating from the back of our apartment. My boyfriend, who decided to give himself a fade the day before, was rummaging through our beauty cabinet (a.k.a under the sink) looking for mousse of all things. “What do you need mousse for?” I quipped.

Apparently his barber used it on his hair the last time he got a haircut. Right before he accentuated his coils with the f*ck boi sponge brush. You know the cut I’m talking about — fade on the sides and curls up top. He’s not a f*ck boi, but it is a really cute hairstyle that I could see requiring mousse.

We’ve been homebound now for weeks since COVID-19 exposed the simple services in life we took for granted, ie: the beauty salon, barber shop and nail salon. In that time, I’ve received several natural hair collections (Dove Amplified Textures, Mizani True Textures and Just for Me Curl Peace) and purchased a few natural hair products with my own coin (Salerm’s leave-in condition and hair mask). All of which arrived at the perfect time because I’ve devoted this isolation to caring for my hair the way it streams naturally from my crown.

The Dove Amplified Textures package arrived first. I joyfully sprinted up the stairs and tore into the tote bag with my boyfriend eyeing me from the other side of the couch. “What we get?” he asked.

That’s when it dawned on me, no wonder all my products go so fast, my boyfriend is using them as much as me. And apparently there’s a science to it. Yeah ladies, a guy on social media taught men how to effectively steal their girlfriend’s products without us noticed. I demanded the evidence, but he refused. However, he did share the sneaky technique, which includes wiping the product off the inside of the lid so you don’t leave an imprint nor do we noticed the amount that is missing. As a matter of fact, I don’t ever remember seeing him buy his own hair products (besides that overly expensive wooden handle brush he just had to have).

Well played.

Now, I just share them with him. I guess this is payback for me stealing all his clothes. Ladies, does your man use your hair products?


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