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Young schoolgirl cries as her friend consoles her

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A Black mother is going viral after video shows her taking scissors to her daughter’s braids because another stylist braided her hair. The little girl screams and cries as her beads, and what looks like added hair, fall to the ground.

“I don’t care. I do her hair,” the mother yells. It’s jarring.

According to the back story, which can be found on social media, the father secretly took his sons and daughter to get their hair done while at day care. When the mother returned to pick her up, she discovered the braided style and reacted by cutting it off.

After garnering thousands of views on social media, she took to Facebook, where the video began circulating, to defend her actions. The woman explains that she just got her daughter’s hair to grow and didn’t want her hair braided that tight because it could break off.

As a parent, you do your best to withstand from telling other parent’s how to raise their children because you know how bothersome it is when someone does it to you. As the mother of a daughter, I am territorial about who touches my daughter or her hair. Period. Also as a mother, I would never want to endanger my child, emotionally scar them or do something out of emotion that could become a traumatic memory or experience.

What say you readers? Did the father provoked her by taking the daughter to get her hair done knowing how particular the mother is about tending to her own daughter’s hair? Obviously the mother is wrong, but are there two wrong parties in this scenario?


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