Deelishis May Not Have Gotten A Nose Job, But Her Heavy Contour Comes From The Same Beauty Standard


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London Charles’ face is unrecognizable.

The former reality TV star, better known as Deelishis, first caught our attention competing for the love of Flavor Flav. We watched weekly as she participated in ridiculous challenges for a chance to date the Public Enemy hype man during the golden era of reality TV. We watched her outsing her opponent, go head to head with Tiffany Pollard (New York) and put most of the other contestants to shame with her curves. Deelishis was one of the first naturally thick bodies we saw on reality TV.

Then social media hit and past reality TV stars, who seemingly disappeared into the 15 minutes of fame abyss, resurfaced and found new hustles as influencers. Deelishis rebranded herself as the “walk away queen.” She’d share videos of herself walking out of clubs and venues where she made appearances. And it worked. Then fans noticed a change. The natural beauty seemingly got a nose job.

Deelishis vehemently denies she got plastic surgery and recently took fans through her beauty regimen on Instagram to prove otherwise.

“I’m not a MUA but more importantly I’m NOT a liar,” she posted on Instagram. “But I can contour the heck out of my face for the purposes of my own pleasure in appearance. Take it or leave it, it’s my truth.”

This isn’t the first time Deelishis addressed speculation over her nose. She’s posted several of her makeup routines and wrote lengthy posts debunking rumors. In a 2018 interview with


Social media perpetuates unattainable beauty standards that are reinforced by the ultra lucrative business of plastic surgery. While the idea Deelishis could have succumb to the pressure to fit into a certain mold is understandable, it’s further evidence of what feels inescapable – beauty ideals set by White people. Will Black beauty– not one that involves Eurocentric features like slender noses, “good hair,” and light skin– ever be enough?


Even if Deelishis didn’t get plastic surgery to alter her nose, her intense contouring for it to appear more pinched is still eyebrow-raising. We know the profound damage that has been inflicted upon Black women by whitewashing in media; therefore don’t judge Deelishis for contouring her nose to the Gawds, we want her to know her nose is beautiful the way it is.




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