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Another day, another beauty trend we’re trying to wrap our minds around. When it comes to the eyebrow game, we’ve seen plenty of trends come go and come back again. From thin brows to thick “Instagram” brows with ultra-defined corners, name it and we’ve seen them all. While many beauty mavens opt for tweezing or waxing their brows to achieve their shape, there is one method that has been spreading like wildfire: soap brows.
Soap brows, commonly known as an eyebrow method you’ve probably seen all over social media, is the hack of using a bar soap instead of an eyebrow gel. Many people claim that bar soap works better to hold the hair in place than traditional eyebrow gel.

While the trend itself sounds like it would take a lot of work, it’s actually pretty easy to use. Simply grab a spoolie brush and damp the bristles with a setting mist of your choice for a strong hold. Rub the spoolie into your bar soap, using thin layers at a time and apply to your eyebrows. Be sure to brush your brows into the shape you want.
Whether you have naturally thin brows or thick gorgeous brows, this soap method is said to pull your eyebrows all the way together. While I’m not too sure about using a bit of Dove on my brows, the concept does seem doable. Take our poll below and let us know what you think!
What say you? Are you interested in giving this eyebrow trend a try? How do you feel about soap on your eyebrows? Effectivee or silly? Sound off in the comments below!

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