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Niecy Nash’s fierce character Desna might be a stiletto shape nail girl, but Niecy Nash, in her real life, is a coffin shape nail kinda girl. The Claws star hosted an intimate lunch for NYC media, where she opened up about how Desna’s nail shape correlates to her fiery personality and why she loves being pampered.

“I’m a coffin girl in my real life,” she revealed. “But Desna is a stiletto. We all have a different nail shape on the show. Virgina is coffin. Polly is oval. Jen is square and Ann is more natural — a very short length. We all have a different nail on the show that speaks to our personalities. But in my real life, I’m much more of a coffin girl.”

Niecy’s biggest co-stars are her nails, which means they require a lot of attention. To care for her natural nails, Niecy has been wearing custom press-ons during her press runs.

“It puts a lot of wear and tear on your nails when you’re on a show like this. My natural nails, I’ve been wearing them a lot more often. For my press run I do my custom press-ons just to give them a break.”

And Niecy isn’t just pretending to know how to do nails on the show, she actually underwent nail tech training, but opts out of doing her own nails.

“They put us through school and training to know how, but no,” she joked. “I like to be taken care of. I work so much and it’s not just the acting, it’s the care for the people even when you’re not on set.”

With such a busy schedule, “to be able to have a beat to have someone take care of you, I sign up for it.”

Claws airs every Sunday at 9pm on TNT.

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