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Let’s face it. For some women, a dry spell in the relationship department equals, well, lowered standards when someone with potential finally comes around. It can be easy to get swept up in the excitement of a new man-perhaps it causes you to overlook certain things.

You try to push that one conversation (okay, probably more than one) about relationship deal breakers you had with your friends out of your mind. “Short guys, are you kidding me?” You may remember yourself saying. Next thing you know, you’re considering someone who damn near rivals Ja Rule in the height department. “Well, at least I don’t have to wear heels anymore,” you may find yourself reasoning.

Give the nice guy a shot

But let’s also be honest. Having an initial spark of attraction to someone is nice, but it’s not exactly bad or uncommon to eventually fall for someone who doesn’t mesh with all of your physical preferences. What’s more interesting are women who look past an average looking man with a sense of humor and a job in favor of some good looking (or not so good looking) guy who may or may not be employed.

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For a lot of women, certain things become negotiable. People compromise all the time with relationship standards, but maybe a person should pause from time to time and consider what they are compromising about. Does your partner need to vote in major elections? Read? Drive, and not just on a suspended license? Is smoking a deal breaker?

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Being labeled “picky” or having preferences regarding the opposite sex is one thing, but maybe we can (or should) all agree that overlooking your lovers values is a bit more risky then overlooking their height. Right?

How much are you willing to compromise when it comes to your standards?

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