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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York picks up back in Costa Rica. Yandy still hasn’t made good on her threats to leave the trip, even after yet another dust-up with Kimbella. Yandy surprisingly hangs out with the group as they go ziplining. That excursion starts off well, but eventually, this trip is going to go left. We know this because we know what show this is. But first, let’s talk about the calm. Maino and Maggie actually manage to make peace in a mature, adult way and they really seem to get on the same page, especially when Maino apologizes to Maggie for making her feel like he didn’t really care about her musical aspirations.

The next day the group goes out for lunch and this is when things start to turn left. By this point word about Safaree and Erica Mena dating has gotten around. Maino asks Safaree straight up, what’s up with him and Erica. Safaree tries to play coy and claims that “He doesn’t want to put too much out there about her just yet.”

Anyway, the convo shifts to Juju saying that Safaree hasn’t been a good friend to her. Then things go really left when it becomes clear that there’s tension between Joe and Cyn again…just when we thought they were on good terms.

It turns out, they had another petty argument. Cyn is tired of Joe coming at her crazy. You know how condescending he can be. Joe feels like everything is always about Cyn and that he always has to walk on eggshells around her and he’s tired of it. Later on, Juju and Safaree get together to chat about why Juju feels like Safaree is a bad friend. She basically feels like he never really checks in with her and she takes calling someone a friend very seriously and that he should reciprocate communication. Crisis averted.

Next, Juju calls the group together on the beach near sunset for an activity that she hopes will help them let go of things they’ve been holding on to. They’re supposed to jot something down on an easel that they’re holding on to and want to let go and then burn the paper. The idea is that burning the paper will help them let it go forever. But then Joe Budden pipes up and says he wants to say something before they start and it gets real. Joe says that Safaree owes he and Cyn an apology and Safaree is looking like:

Basically, Joe is pissed because they had a phone call a week prior to the trip where he asked Safaree if Erica was coming to Costa Rica. Safaree said no. Maino asked Safaree the same question while on the trip and Safaree said no, once again. But guess what? Erica is apparently in Costa Rica. She hasn’t appeared on camera but it doesn’t matter because everyone saw her lounging by the pool. Cyn and Erica used to date and the last time we saw them together, it didn’t end well. Erica put her hands on Cyn at a Love and Hip-Hop Reunion so obviously, things haven’t been good between them. Joe feels like this is a safety concern and a betrayal given that he thought he and Safaree were friends. Safaree says he doesn’t owe them an apology and that he didn’t have to mention anything to anyone because it was none of his business. This is where Joe really starts getting super rowdy, talking about how fowl Safaree and how he wants to drag his face in the sand and that’s how we end the episode.

We’ll have to see how things unfold next week when the group gets back to New York.


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