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Hair Texture: “Coarse.”

Charlize Glass is a dancer and it’s great that Suave has included her in this commercial as sweat to Black girls and haircare is the equivalent to Clark Kent and kryptonite. While I did not get to see her BTS up close and personal, we did have an opportunity to chat via e-mail.

We dive straight into a discussion on natural hair and working out, which Glass admits, “is a lifelong struggle.” You’ll rarely see Glass dancing with her hair down because “it gets sweaty on my neck and around my face.” She adds, “It bugs me so much.” For girls’ that workout on the regular, you may want to grab the Natural Hair Define & Shine Serum Gel. Glass likes to use it when she’s dancing “because it helps control a bit more so I am able to keep my hair in a ponytail.”

Glass doesn’t give a “type” to her hair, but rather just defines it as coarse. She explains, “I have very thick hair, and a lot of it too, which makes it very challenging to keep the curls looking bouncy as well as keeping the moisture throughout all of that hair.” Like most black women, she laments, “It is truly a lot of work.” It’s all about knowing your hair and the products it desires. She reveals, “I have got to use lots of conditioner and the ‘type’ of conditioner is key.” She likes to use paraben and sulfate free products “because they don’t dry out my hair as I’ve noticed with other lines.” In case you are wondering, yes, the new Suave Naturals line has all of the good stuff and none of the bad (like sulfates) and while these products definitely lean to Type 4, it’s obvious it works on Glass’ thick, Type 3 hair.

Suave Professionals For Natural Hair

Source: Suave Professionals For Natural Hair / Suave Professionals

Glass’ favorite products in the line are the Curl Conditioner and the Curl Defining Cream. She explains, “conditioner is the key to maintaining moist, soft curls.” Conditioner has always been one of the more important hair care products for Glass. She jokes, “If I could leave the house with only one item, that’s what it would be, my conditioner!”

Beauties, if you’re thinking about trying the new Suave Natural line when it launches at the end of this month, go for it. At just $5 for each product, what do you really have to lose? Plus, seeing it up close on action on three different types of Type 4 curly girls gives me confidence it will do well in my Type 4 hair as well. I’m here for a brand that is leaning into Type 4 hair vs. ignoring us. I’ll definitely be adding the collection to my haircare assortment.

When and if you try out the products tag me @TheIslandDiva and @HelloBeautiful so we can see and know what you think.


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