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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta is all about the couple’s trip that actually ends up becoming a girl’s trip but hold that thought. We begin the episode with Porsha’s revelation that she won’t be telling the group or even Dennis’ mother about her baby just yet since it’s still early. But speaking of Dennis’s mother, Porsha is definitely still trying to impress her. However, Mama Dennis is still keeping her eye on Porsha and definitely wants to know what her thoughts are about prenups.

Now let’s cut to the trip. It ends up becoming a girls trip to Destin, Fl. So many of the guys end up dropping out, for various reasons, that Gregg doesn’t want to be the only man present and drops out too. That’s how it becomes the ladies’ takeover.

They all meet at Kandi’s house and drive to Florida. They play games to pass the time, starting with truth or dare. Here we go…

Shamari is up first, and her dare is to let the nearest woman suck her fingers. That would be Eva, who is actually game. Shamari tells Eva she got a nice little tongue on her.

Eva and Kandi get a similar dare, which is to talk dirty to your man on speakerphone. Both situations are a bust. But then, Porsha picks truth and that opens the floodgates for instant messiness. NeNe starts it off by asking Porsha if Dennis dated someone on the bus or someone that knows someone on the bus. Nene knew she was being messy too.

So, the topic comes up again and Malo jumps in asking Kandi to clarify. Kandi reiterates for the billionth time that she knows someone who dated him off and on over the last 6 months but then adds that she thinks they were dealing with each other as recently as a month and a half ago, in what was described as a casual fling. Porsha doubles down, claiming that they’ve been in a monogamous relationship. Then Kandi blows up Porsha’s spot and says that she saw Porsha boo’d up with another guy just three months prior to her getting all serious with Dennis.

We all knew there was something fishy going on.

Finally, the group settles into the house and then continues the messiness over dinner. This time, Cynthia initiates a discussion with Eva. Basically, she wanted to know why Eva went on a bachelorette trip to Miami (which was right before this trip) and didn’t invite any of them, especially NeNe, who is actually in her wedding, and Eva claims is like her big sister.

Eva says it was a surprise trip, but not like a suprise, surprise, then Porsha pipes up saying she was actually invited so now and now they’re looking at her like:

This does strike NeNe as shady but she doesn’t seem to take it too hard. We move on and Shamari says she feels some type of way about Porsha trying to shade her style at the Bailey Q, only it wasn’t Porsha that shaded her, it was Eva. They don’t even remember who shades who and Eva didn’t even remember shading her.

Anyway, they settle that score peacefully and manage to get through dinner smoothly. But next week, it’s looking like things will get tense between Shamari and Marlo.


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