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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta is mostly about the Kandi, Dennis, Porsha situation again, as well as the events that go down at NeNe’s couples night event. But let’s dial it back a bit. We start the episode with a glimpse of Leon, in all his forever fine glory. Leon and Cynthia are preparing to see Noelle off to college. She has decided to go to Howard University.

Let’s fast forward. Kandi and Porsha actually meet up to discuss Kandi’s spot getting blown up at Cynthia’s wine tasting. Kandi tries to explain herself again. She says she knew two girls that Dennis dated, got the story about the tattoos, and felt the need to bring it up yatta yatta. It’s not like they’re friends. Kandi says she doesn’t want to be in a bad place with Porsha, so why does she keep bringing Dennis’ dating history up behind Porsha’s back knowing dang well it could cause a problem with this group of women? None of it matters though, because Porsha doesn’t care. Nothing will stand in the way of the happiness she is after. Plus, Porsha is really coming from the perspective of, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

Anyway, we then meet Tanya again. She’s NeNe’s friend, new satellite character, and a tech entrepreneur. Tanya is rich, full of herself and extra. She seems more RHOP than RHOA but so far she has been fitting in. She’s even going to bring her man to NeNe and Gregg’s couples night out. The theme for the latter is “Boobs and Bourbon.”

Now we’re at NeNe and Gregg’s couple’s night event. Everyone comes through. Cynthia brings her friend Marcus. Marlo shows up with a man who resembles BubbaSparkxxx, but she refuses to reveal how they met, and NeNe’s spirited friend, Yavonna, comes through too. Porsha is the last to arrive with Dennis. We’re all nervous because this could go either way since Dennis knows that Kandi has been talking smack about him. However, Dennis keeps it cute and cordial. That crisis is averted but then we get back to Yovana being super extra.

It turns out that Yovana and Eva attended Clark Atlanta University together. They don’t know each other but Yovana points out that Eva is good friends with her good friend. By this point, Yovana is already rubbing the girls the wrong way with her brash delivery but then it gets worse when she says she has a problem with Eva. Eva is looking like:

Basically, Yovana explains that Eva pretended like they never even met when they first showed up to the dinner. Eva said but she actually doesn’t ever recall meeting her and this sets Yovana off even more. Yovana feels some type of way and states that it’s impossible for Eva to not know her because she was that b–ch in school. Everyone, including Yovana’s fiance, is looking like:

NeNe squashes any impending drama with the announcement that they’ve organized a surprise couple’s trip.

Aaaaaw shoot! You know it’s about to be some drama, especially if thirsty Yovana shows up!

Finally, we end the episode with Porsha celebrating Dennis’ birthday. It’s an extra special celebration because this is when Porsha announces that she’s pregnant. She delivers the news by handing Dennis a gift (and eventually a positive pregnancy test). It’s a box of baby booties and he is so thrilled that he tears up.

Porsha is going to have to keep the stress down, which is hard dealing with this group of women. It will be interesting to see how the couple’s trip goes and how they take it when Porsha reveals the news.


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