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“I gotta get outta here pronto, I got a stage-5 clinger.”–Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) in Wedding Crashers

We’ve all heard of the term “The Stage 5 Clinger” when describing a significant other who well, JUST WON’T GO AWAY! Men have experienced this CLINGING effect but how do you know if you’re the one being labeled the “Clinger?” Take a look at the checklist below and if any are sounding a little bit too familiar you might want to revaluate how you handle your man!

1. The day following the first date he will receive 3 missed phone calls all accompanied by voicemail.

2. Before the end of the first date you’ve already proposed a second date. “I’ve already made the reservations!”

3. In the first week you’ve informed him where you want to get married, how many children you see yourself having, and what your family’s dog name will be.

4. Somehow his number found it’s way into your phone settings Fav5 or Favorites.

5. You have friend requested his close friends on Facebook.

6. He fails to respond to a text after 20 minutes of being sent, you immediately formulate reasons why he is ignoring you, all while having a panic attack!

7. You say “Yes!” every time he asks if you’re free. You’re screaming “available.”

8. If Facebook had a limit for amount of views a person can have on a page per day, your account would have been shut down and you’re left with no access to the Face “stalk” world.

9. You find yourself checking your phone every 10 minutes. “I thought I heard it go off!”

10. Calling his mom the first week of dating seems like a “normal” thing to do.

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