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Any beauty lover will understand this dilemma. You are heading out for a big night and want to recreate that look you’ve seen your favorite influencer flawlessly concoct. You grab your phone, balancing it on your sink as you try to get that blue eyeliner look just right. Then you’re phone falls as you frantically try to wipe off the water and not spill makeup everywhere simultaneously. Or maybe you’re looking at how to recreate that sunset eyeshadow look you loved so much on your favorite celebrity. If you’re like me, you’re doing it on your laptop, with photo booth open, and hoping the daily fallout from the palette to your eyes isn’t getting stuck in between the keys.

Sound familiar?

Well, now Google x Sephora have partnered to help alleviate the pressures of getting glam. Today in New York City at Sephora Union Square the two power brands announced a partnership.

With Google Home Hub, you are able to say, “Hey Google, show me an everyday natural eyebrow tutorial by Sephora.” You’ll be handsfree and able to follow the tutorial while actually doing the steps in real time. Brilliant! Julia Davidson, Global Head of Partner Marketing at Google stated at the event, “our goal was to bring together the best of google to give people hands free help at a glance.”

Speaking of tutorials by Sephora, I didn’t realize they have over 2,500 on YouTube (seriously). There is literally a tutorial for everything and they even have branded tutorials too so you can watch by your favorite cosmetic companies.

The device is affordable ($149.00, Store.Google.com) and small enough to fit in multiple places but large enough for you to really see how to get that highlighter just right. It comes in four colors: charcoal, chalk, aqua, and sand. Google knows a girl likes options.

I got to try it out at the Sephora store and it worked pretty well. While it understood me, some of the other people that were trying it out had some trouble. The device is smart, meaning that it gets used to your voice (and you can even program it to know another voice in your home). I definitely want to place this in my bathroom or by my vanity in my bedroom.

If you want to try this out yourself, you can buy it on Google, Sephora.com, or even go to select Sephora stores to see it in person.


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