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Insecure picks up with the reminder that Issa is back in Daniel’s bed. They aren’t having sex again but there’s lots of sexual tension. Issa fantasizes about making it happen but so far she’s keeping her legs closed.

Molly’s new boo is work. She starts a new job at a Black-owned law firm. They value her talent and she feels good about it but she does notice some things that are different in terms of business practices. This is going to take some getting used to. That on top of navigating new relationships and offices dynamics.

Daniel has been kicking it with Khalil and ends up playing a beat he plans to play for Spider. It’s a dope track that’s heavy on strings because Daniel has been inspired by Nordic Rock lately. Khali’ hijacks the beat and tones it down. He takes the strings out and amps the drums because Spider likes minimal stuff. He tells Daniel that they’ll play his modified version for Spider when they see him. Daniel is kinda like, riiiight…


You already know it’s killing his soul to not be true to himself. Plus, how is this other man going to come in and try to regulate? Tuh!

Work is still uninspiring for Issa until We Got Y’all participates in an expo with other organizations that are similar and discovers an organization that seems more aligned with what she really wants to do. Then Issa gets offered a job as a property manager which means she gets an apartment for $750 when it actually goes for $1,500 on the market. We don’t know if she takes the gig but we definitely get nervous when she’s doing laundry with Daniel later on and he gasses her up by telling her that he likes her at his place and wants her to stick around for a while.


Back to Daniel. He’s in the studio with Spider and Khalil has the nerve to tell him to play the track “THEY” worked on. He actually referred to it as theirs. Daniel blindsides Khalil by playing his version and Khalil is pissed. Spider says it’s hot then Khalil jumps in talking about they have another version. This forces Daniel to play the stripped version down version and Spider likes that too. Khali nudges Spider away from Daniel’s beat by playing more of his own, and he looks at Daniel like, “What you gonna do about it?” in the process.


Daniel vents to Issa over lunch and she does what a friend should do take him to task. She asks him a very logical question, which is why didn’t he just listen to Khalil since he knows what Spider likes and it would be a good opportunity. That’s enough for Daniel to go full on salt ‘n vinegar. He tells Issa that she shouldn’t be giving career advice because she doesn’t know what it’s like to love what she does. He tells her that her life is all over the place and he that always saves her from some stuff. He tried it and Issa calls him out because that’s how he really feels. It gets super awkward after that. Later on, we find them in bed with Daniel telling her that he was just lashing out because he was upset about the Khalil situation.


This resolution leads to kissing and touching and Daniel going down on her. It feels good but Issa has enough sense to stop it because it doesn’t feel right. Hopefully this means she’s taking the property manager position. You get the feeling that she is. Level up, girl. Finally.


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