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Tonight’s episode of Love Is finds Nuri and Yasir really in their feelings. We start with news that Nuri finally gets to write her first solo script for Marvin. It turns out, this is a prayer that Yasir had written down and put in his prayer box. He shows it to Nuri and of course, it’s a celebration!

Nuri only has two days to complete her script (it’s the next to last episode) but she’s already making plans for Yasir. She wants him to come with her to show night where she will introduce him to people and get his script in the right hands. Yasir isn’t trying to steal her spotlight and realizes that this is a bad idea, but Nuri wants what she wants.

Now, about those two days…

Nuri and Yasir can’t keep their hands off each other so she heads to work to get the job done without any distractions. She’s so focused that she forgets to call Yasir to check in like she said she would, and she fails to get his pages. Brace yourselves, drama is coming. Yasir gives her nothing but attitude when they wake up the next morning because he was worried about her and he feels slighted because she didn’t keep her promise to him. Nuri apologizes and says this is supposed to be a good day because she finished her script on time but Yasir isn’t letting go. At first, he seems like he’s being a brat, but then you realize he was just triggered. He said that two of his friends were raped, and one was raped and murdered. Later on, Nuri pulls out some lingerie, apologizes again, and it helps get him out of his funk.

Hopefully, some good news about his writing comes soon because he discovers that there were some cutbacks at his job, which means his schedule was downsized to two days a week. He was already only working part-time. It really stings when his boss tells him to knock up his girlfriend so he can be a stay-at-home-dad. Yasir is never salty about Nuri’s success through all of this, but he’s still struggling with going to her show night because he really just wants it to be about her and he realizes that it will look like he’s using Nuri.

Now we’re at the taping and there’s even more drama because Yasir has trouble getting in and the security guard is giving him attitude, especially since taping already started, which means no one gets in. Yasir makes enough of a scene that the security guard calls Nuri outside. Plus, he’s holding his script, which makes him look even thirstier. Nuri comes to get him but Yasir is pissed off at her for not putting his name on the list. He says she broke another promise (later on it comes out that someone spelled his name wrong) and thinks that she just wants to parade him around her coworkers and decides to leave because it’s her night anyway.

Norman lectures Nuri about the spectacle and the fact that she missed her introduction to the crowd. She’s super embarrassed and annoyed. Plus, Norman still thinks he’s using her, especially since word got around that he came with his script. Nuri sticks up for her man and in the end, Norman is so curious about Yasir that he actually asks to see the script. The thing is, Nuri isn’t even finished reading it so we really don’t know if it’s good. Fingers crossed because if it’s bad then that’s going to make her look even worse at work.

Back at home, Nuri and Yasir get into it again. Nuri suggests they take a break because she thinks he can’t handle her success, but he sticks around that night. The next morning he whispers that he’s sorry to her as she sleeps and then caresses her. Nuri wakes up and freaks out, screaming, “Don’t touch me!” She ducks behind a dresser and Yasir realizes something else is up. When Nuri calms down, she reveals she was molested when she was 9 and she was triggered. Yasir says they have more in common than she realizes and they both get really emotional as they reflect on this respectively in each other’s space while getting back on the same wavelength.


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