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Tonight’s episode of Love is underscored how doubt is still a central theme in Nuri and Yasir’s relationship yet they still always manage to overcome because their connection is kismet.

Ramadan is over and Yasir says that Nuri is his blessing, a promise from Allah for his fasting and atonement. He presents her with a gift for Eid. It’s a book entitled, The Art of Dramatic Writing. Get this, Yasir bought the book with his employee discount. Yup, ya boy got a job. It’s a minimum wage job, stocking books, but Nuri isn’t trippin. She just wants her man by her side.


Nuri’s mom comes over to be nosey and stir the pot. She asks Yasir about their sex life, and what their plans are for Valentine’s Day. That’s when Yasir mentions that he doesn’t celebrate corporate holidays but he’s open to celebrating it if Nuri wants to. Nuri pretends that she’s cool with not celebrating it. Nuri’s mom is giving them both the side eye because we know this is going to be an issue.

Now it’s actually Valentine’s Day, and Nurit is feeling some type of way at work because her coworkers are clowning her because they think Yasir is gaming her. Plus, she sees all the romantic things that are happening for her coworkers and even runs into Angela getting some oral pleasure. That’s awkward, but at least Angela takes a moment to send the guy away so she can chat with her girl who is obviously bothered. Nuri admits that she really does want to celebrate with Yasir but decided to front instead.


Instead of hanging with Yasir, Nuri will celebrate Valentine’s Day with an annual Single Girls Day party with her mom, aunts, and grandma (her sister won’t be present this year because she got a man). Yasir decides to go to Ruby’s house, which is still technically his house. He has only been staying with Nuri, he doesn’t live there full time, but he plans to return the next day. This obviously really makes Nuri tight. It gets worse when the womenfolk get to Nuri’s place and accuse her of letting Yasir off the hook because you know her mom went and gossiped to everyone. This party goes south swiftly when the women keep going in on her and she finally lets them have it. She even admits that she would rather be with Yasir instead of them. That’s all grandma needed to hear to tell them all to cut this party short. Nuri’s mom sticks around to continue trying to convince her not to trust Yasir. Nuri tells her that Yasir is not her father. Then it comes out that Yasir actually does remind Nuri’s mom of her dad. That’s the trigger.


Meanwhile, Ruby is not amused to see Yasir on Valentine’s Day because she’s dealing with some feelings that started resurfacing. Yasir reminds her that she didn’t really want him when he was there. Ruby can’t take seeing his face because it’s reminding her that he has moved on and that he’s going to live out his dreams with Nuri. Basically, she feels like she prepped him for prime time in a sense, and she’d rather him go where he needs to be.

Yasir meets up with his boy who tells him that he needs to drop the corporate holiday crap and go be with Nuri. Yasir lands back at Nuri’s house at 5 minutes to midnight so it’s still Valentine’s Day. He gives her her favorite flowers and plays her a song that he wants her to hear and think of him from now on. They slow dance to “Love Ballad” by L.T.D. and then we end the episode in the future, with the senior versions of Nuri and Yasir dancing to their song.


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