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Tonight’s episode of Love Is puts Nuri and Angela’s friendship on the line, but we’ll get there. We start with Nuri and Yasir back in Loveland. Now that they’ve gotten physical, they really can’t get enough of each other and it’s clear that as much as Yasir thinks Nuri saved him, he has been a blessing to Nuri in terms of her approach to certain situations. We’ll get there too.

In other news, work takes an interesting turn for Nuri. Her boss wants she and Angela to co-write a script but Angela doesn’t want to work with Nuri. Angela wants to write it alone and says it’s contractual that she get to write two scripts solo. Basically, this ain’t no friend thing, “It’s just business.” Nuri acts like it’s cool but she’s not. Later on, she vents to Yasir because she feels like Angela isn’t being a friend. Nuri co-writing this script would really be a step up for her but you know how people get when they think you might outshine them so there’s that.


Yasir comes to the rescue though. He takes Nuri’s mind off of it by convincing her to see an obscure DW Griffith movie (“Intolerance”). Meanwhile, Keith and Angela run into each other at a bar and kick it about their respective issues with work. Then they coincidentally decide to catch the same DW Griffith movie. It gets really awkward (this is Angela’s first time meeting Yasir) once they spot each other. To make things even tenser, Angela and Nuri go to the bathroom together leaving Keith and Yasir alone. In the bathroom, Angela explains to Nuri that she knows what it looks like, but it’s not like that. Keith and Yasir actually keep it civil and talk about how special Nuri is. Angela keeps trying to make awkward small talk and Nuri is giving short borderline snippy answers. Angela wants to know if they’re cool and once again Nuri says they’re cool but we all know they’re not. Angela continues pushing the issue and tells her that she’d never break girl code. Nuri is still being snippy and Angela tells her that she can act funky all she wants to but she’s not playing these games. She grabs Keith and bounces.

Later on, Nuri makes a comment to Yasir that she should out Keith to Angela before she catches HIV since brothers on the down low are spreading it around. Yasir calls her out on her ignorance and informs her that she should mind her business. It’s free. Nuri realizes her ignorance but still thinks she should tell Angela. But then Yasir realizes that this is actually about hurting Angela. He assures her that being spiteful toward Angela isn’t the answer and that she will get her own script one day. Nuri finally acknowledges that she’s being salty, but Yasir is patient and supportive and even offers to give her some space.


At work, we find Angela going over her idea for her script. She and Nuri are the only women in a room full of men. Angela’s dream is to do more dramatic writing and not comedy, so she tries to add a serious element to the script. The men clown her for it and promptly start making sophomoric jokes. Angela is irritated. Then their boss asks if Nuri has something better and she figures out how to flip Angela’s idea into something profound but still funny. Basically, she could have been petty but decides to have Angela’s back anyway. The idea still doesn’t stick though but at least there’s hope for their friendship.

Nuri comforts Angela in the bathroom and Angela offers Nuri the script because she’s over it. Nuri is over the moon and accepts the offer for two seconds, but then she tells Angela not to give up. The Angela she knows negotiates. Plus, Nuri wants their friendship more than the script and all is right with their world, like a 90s love affair should be.


Back at home, Nuri is grateful to Yasir for helping her become a better, more gracious woman. That’s what true love can do for you.


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