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Tonight’s episode of Love Is picks up with our lovebirds surrounded in doubt. Nuri isn’t so sure that she can trust Yasir, especially after he left her hanging. They’re not in a great place right now because Yasir hasn’t been in touch with Nuri since the piece of paper with her number on it is in his impounded car. Yasir also realizes that he still loves Ruby too. Her surgery situation brought him back closer and he realizes he has a hard decision to make—choose one and the other gets hurt, no matter what. It doesn’t help that Ruby’s parents think they’re still together (because she didn’t tell them the truth) and invited them to dinner in six weeks.


Meanwhile, Nuri is pissed at Yasir, she also misses him and she can’t help but think the worst, which is that they’re not meant to be. So, she forces herself to move on. Work keeps her busy, especially because she’s doing well, and so does Keith, the work boo-thank that she was supposed to go skiing with. She forgot they were supposed to go skiing until he shows up to her place to remind her. He bought her some cute wintertime accessories too. Their fun gets interrupted when she’s called into work to brainstorm for a fan favorite character.

Yasir shows up at her place just as her car is peeling off and she doesn’t seem him chasing her. It’s another missed connection. In another romantic, but also kind of sad twist, he goes to the junkyard and convinces them to let him get into his car so he can get some scripts and find Nuri’s number. But Yasir still doesn’t find the number because it fell on the ground, while he was rummaging, and blows away. Back to scouring the phone book for a woman whose last name he doesn’t know. The universe is working for them but in very different ways.


Yasir goes home to check on Ruby again. He suggests going back home. Ruby doesn’t want him to go home because then she’ll be alone in LA and her parents will worry. Plus, she still has another 6 weeks to heal from her liposuction and needs help. They make peace at this moment. He agrees to stay and she says he can have the couch back. By this point, Ruby and Yasir know that there is no romantic future between the two of them but they’re still using each other It’s a symbiotic relationship.

Meanwhile, Nuri’s co-worker friend, Angela, convinces her that Yasir is done and that she should move on. Nuri does a terrible job of convincing herself that Angela is right and decides to move on with Keith.


Yasir tries his luck by stopping by Nuri’s house again and actually catches her home. This is his chance to answer her questions. He’s hopeful and even writes, “I love you” on her dusty car window. The truth is, Yasir Omar isn’t his birth name, he changed his name once he converted to Islam, he has a six-year-old son that he misses, he’s divorced, he and Ruby are done, but still friends, he’s not perfect and he is using Nuri. He’s using her to make him a better person. It’s really sweet when he says, “You’re my fresh start” and then Keith knocks on the door and ruins everything. Nuri is shaken by this because she still loves Yasir, but her lack of faith got the best of her. She tries to explain herself to Yasir but then he says, ‘You’re like the rest of them.” That’s man-speak for, “My feelings are hurt.” Anyway, Nuri says she’s going to fix it but Yasir is defeated. He opens the door, greets Keith in a civil manner, and keeps it stepping, but not before erasing the “I love you” on her car.


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