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A bank is returning a 112-year-old man’s life savings after it was stolen from an identity thief.

According to Dallas News, Bank of America announced that they are refunding Richard Overton’s account after they learned a few weeks ago that the money was fraudulently drained from his account.

His cousin, Volma Overton, told Dallas News that his family was shocked by the bank’s generosity.

“Man, I teared up,” he said.

“I couldn’t believe it. They made it happen. The executive of the company said he’d take care of this, and he took care of it.

A Bank of America spokeswoman confirmed that the bank was investigating the issue, as was Austin police and the feds.

“Everyone wants to get to the bottom of this. I don’t think it’s going to be long before we know,” Overton added.

Sadly, the thieves stole Richard’s identity too.

“Someone set up a bogus account, got his Social Security number and accessed his personal checking account.”

Luckily for Overton, who is dubbed the oldest living vet in the U.S., his bank account isn’t attached to his GoFund Me Page. The fundraising account, which has over $420,000, mostly goes to taking care of Overton. See, he requires 4 caretakers to watch him over every day.

However, when news hit that his account had been hijacked, his family saw a spike in donations for his fundraising page, the Dallas News noted.

“It’s been a true blessing in disguise for us,” his cousin stressed.

That, and now “everything’s back just like it was” before, with Overton sitting on his front porch, where he smokes 12 cigars a day and sips on whiskey and Coke.

We see you Mr. Overton, living your best life! We’re glad you got your money back.


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