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Iman Eyvone

Source: @m9_images / Courtesy of Iman Eyvone

Each week we are featuring one of our readers or a woman that is moving culture forward and making change in the world. This week, get to know Iman Eyvone.

Full name: Iman Eyvone

Hometown: Oakland, California

Occupation: Model, Actress, Entrepreneur, and Activist

Life motto: “Stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out.” Surprisingly, this motto has stuck with me more now than ever because I am in the transition point in my life, going from living young and dumb to focused and determined to live out all of my dreams and goals. This motto to me means it’s no need to carry those insecurities from when I was a child into my adult life and to become the full blown sunflower I was meant to be. Self-confidence is key!

What you want to be remembered for: Being a strong, outspoken, inspiration for the young kings and queens born after me. I hope that I will be remembered for being an actual change the world needs to see. The world is in need of some serious love, kindness, and harmony.

Organization/non-profit/issue that is important to you and why: I am curious and feel strongly about multiple issues in society today. I would love to be the voice and advocate for other aspiring Black models that don’t fit the status quo of what is considered to be beautiful in America today. Growing up almost ashamed of my skin color, the texture of my hair, feeling not tall enough to live out my dreams, I told myself I will be that change and role model to other young, Black women do not have to grow up with these insecurities. It is 2018 and I believe the fashion industry is in for a huge wake-up call.

Iman Eyvone

Source: @imagebyzen / Courtesy of Iman Eyvone

Favorite place to visit: It’s one of my life goals to travel the world. I haven’t been out the country, but my first pit stop would definitiely be Trinidad and Tobago. The island is in my blood and I would love to learn more about my people and my culture.

Favorite beauty product: Mascara. I can’t leave the house without a little mascara and lipgloss!

Iman Eyvone

Source: @kgpixel / Courtesy of Iman Eyvone

Go to outfit: I am a creative spirit when it comes to my wardrobe. I love color and prints that just express my outgoing and unique personality. My go-to outfit would definitely be something form-fitting with sandals!

Favorite person to follow on social media: I don’t have one particular person. Lately, I have just been trying to follow anyone that is living out their dreams and has a positive outlook on life.

Where we can find you on the Internet: I can be found on Instagram @imaneyvone_ , my YouTube channel, Iman Eyvone, and you can e-mail me at Imaneyvone@gmail.com.


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