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Let the publicity stunts begin! If this is not a recession and a cry for attention to promote the latest project than I don’t know what else is!  Tamala Jones “confessed” to that Kim Whitley DID NOT smack her down.  In fact, Kim, Tamala, and Young Joc created the hoax to stir up some publicity for Kim’s upcoming role in Transformers 2. The joke went downhill when Kim Whitley caught flack for her suppossed abusive ways. After the Chrihanna stunt back in February of course no one wants to hear about someone getting their a** beat! Abuse is a touchy topic and clearly no one considered that when joking around. Anyhow, check out the rest below.

Kim Whitley B**ch Slaps Tamala Jones

Over the weekend, ATL rapper Yung Joc, a Twitter pro, was M.I.A. when he concocted a tale that had tweeters and bloggers reeling: he said that actress Kym Whitley smacked BFF Tamala Jones in Miami where many celebs celebrating the album release of former Pretty Ricky group member, Pleasure P. To keep the momentum on high drama, the former Bad Boy lyricist painted a vivid picture of the alleged brawl in the Twitterverse.

“They were playing at first, at least I thought they were and then Tamela [sic] was like b—- how you let a dude with a pinky d— turn you out. BAM. I almost feel like it was my fault because I started flirting with the two of them and they took that sh– somewhere else. I kinda feel bad. don’t think Tamela [sic] didn’t buck back!!! But Kim is too thick for her…i got pics and video too! ‘

However, Tamala Jones spoke exclusively to to officially clear the air.

“I really have to come clean about this because Kym, who’s like my sister, has been catching a lot of flack for this,” explains Jones. “it is was all a joke. What happened is we ran into Yung Joc in the lobby of our hotel and we were bickering like sisters do but nothing serious and Joc was like y’all are funny like Laverne and Shirley. He ended up going to dinner with us and while we were at dinner he said we should come up with a joke like he had done about DMX and Katt Williams. He thought we should be arguing over him and we were like, ‘Uh, no.’ So we start up and his boy is taping us in action as we begin ragging on each other and then we were going to tape the second part–the alleged smack–but it never happened. Again, we were just joking around and going to let everyone know it was just a joke. I was like, ‘Sure this is good press for you Kym you have “Transformers” coming out soon.’ I’ve never been violent nor has anyone ever been violent towards me. But now, it’s gotten out of hand and it’s affecting Kym’s money because she has a deal with a company and they called her about it. So I want to just set the record straight that we were all just having fun and being silly.”

On May 17, Joc continued to indulge his fellow Tweeters with another outlandish rumor only this time it wasn’t two Hollywood chicks but the most unlikely pairing of rapper/actor DMX and comedian/actor Katt Williams.

“I’m in St. Louis in my penthouse…Katt Willaims and DMX are arguing about who gonnahist the last line of coke…this sh– about to get ugly.”

In the end, Joc admitted that his embellishments were simply for entertainment purposes because no one wants to read boring tweets.

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Hmmm what if in actuality Kim did slap Tamala and they are trying to cover it up as a joke? Tell us what you think!