What To Expect During Your First Session

Concerned woman talks with therapist

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Therapy can be awkward and uncomfortable at first; we get it. Being asked to divulge your life story to a stranger can be a lot, however, it will become more familiar and less awkward over time. The first session is called an Initial Assessment and you be asked to share more details about who you are and some of your life experiences. It can be hard to talk about yourself if you are new to the process, but being open and honest will help build the relationship with your therapist to get to the issues that brought you to therapy. Remember that therapist are not your friends so they will not be sharing their life story; if you are looking for a more peer-like experience consider group therapy which is a great way to connect with people who are going through similar challenges as you. Your therapist should be proving a space that feels nonjudgmental, objective and confidential to help you become more comfortable.

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