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Malaysia Pargo is attempting to introduce her relatives, Kristen and Cece to the fray on Basketball Wives, and we find all of the above, plus Jackie Christie, at dinner having a kiki. But let’s clear some things up real quick. Kristen’s husband Thomas Scott, who is Byron Scott’s son. Cece is Byron’s wife, Byron is Malaysia’s cousin, and Malaysia is crazy enough to be friends with Jackie, so that’s where all these connections connecting. Speaking of Cece, Evelyn, at various points in the episode, told Jen and eventually Kirsten that Cece was enticing men from her gym to come to her medical spa for happy endings. Evelyn alleges that this information came from other people who worked out at the same gym. Let’s hold on to this thought because we all know it’s going to get messy, especially because Jen starts repeating it like the parrot that she is.


Fast forward a bit. Tami tells her boyfriend that Shaunie told her that Evelyn is back in town and that Evelyn does a good Tami impersonation. Tami thinks Evelyn is obsessed with her. She’s also not too cool on Jennifer because she thinks the fact that Jennifer is friends with Evelyn again, after falling out with her and talking mad smack, makes her fake. Speaking of Evelyn, Jackie is still pissed that Chantelle talked to her at the Mardi Gras party.

This is so dumb.

Moving forward, Kristen, Jackie, and Cece take a Polynesian dance class but the real point of this is gossip. After class, Kristen plays carrier pigeon and tells Cece what Evelyn said about her. Cece is obviously pissed, says the rumors aren’t true and plans to confront Evelyn.

Jackie takes this info to Malaysia and Tami over dinner. You know how this goes, gossip, gossip, and more gossip because these grown women are perpetually in the mental state of high school. Malaysia feels some type of way about this because Cece is technically family, and of course she plans to get everyone together to discuss this. First Malaysia asks Cece if it’s true. Cece says it’s not true. But like, who would admit to this anyway?

Now we find Jackie, Cece, Malaysia, Tami, Kristen, and Jennifer together for drinks. Things immediately jump off when Tami refers to Jennifer as Messy Mona for her involvement in spreading these rumors and because she just thinks she’s fake. They cut to the chase and confront Jen about this. Issa ambush. Jen is quick to say it’s not a rumor that came from her and that they were really just joking about it. Cece is being calm enough to receive Jen’s message, which is obviously unusual for this group, but Malaysia and Jackie seem to think that Cece needs to be acting like a wild banshee. Granted, Cece should be upset because as we all know, rumors can damage people’s reputations, especially a rumor like this because the insinuation is that Cece is a prostitute. Nothing gets resolved in this situation because the source of this rumor isn’t present. Tami eventually leaves, because she’s booked and busy now, and Jen follows her out to talk to her one on one since that didn’t happen inside the restaurant. Tami tells Jen that it’s not a good look to be the bone carrier and that she needs to stop being messy. Jen says she was just trying to figure out who Cece is. [Insert Jen’s fake bourgie voice] “I mean, is she a homewrecker or a prostitute?” and Tami, metaphorical guns blazing, quipped that Jen is already around that with Evelyn.


Tami tells Jen not to be on the wrong side of Basketball Wives history with this one and to give Cece a chance, and that’s that.

But it’s never that simple. There will be more drama next week when this rumor comes up again because Evelyn can’t not film with them forever.


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