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With everyone gearing up for the royal wedding, one of the biggest pieces of news to hit this week was the fact that Meghan Markle wouldn’t be hiring a makeup artist for the event. Rather, she was going to have her two closest friends do her makeup. And while I naturally had to pause for a second out of confusion (because this isn’t JUST a wedding, it’s the royal wedding), I had to wonder, is getting a makeup artist a mandatory must for the big day?

In defense of Meghan’s bold choice, she’s not new to the idea of breaking tradition and marching to the beat of her own tune. Plus, she’s not someone who has a razzle-dazzle makeup look, so for her wedding, she could be opting for something that’s slightly elevated from her everyday look. So I wanted to see what would compel someone to opt out of professional makeup on their big day. I spoke with two women, Patrice* and Tiara* on their thoughts of Meghan’s decision and why they opted to do their own makeup for their weddings:

HB: Did you decide to wear makeup to your wedding? Did a professional makeup artist do it for you?

P: When I decided to get married, a lot of my family and friends assumed I’d be going full-glam since I work in the beauty industry. However, my husband is a laid-back guy, and I was just so happy to marry my best friend, everything else was an afterthought. I decided to do my own makeup for my wedding and not hire a professional MUA.

T: I didn’t wear any makeup for my wedding, and I don’t regret that decision at all. There are so many important things in life, like the union between two people, that seeing something like makeup as a necessity didn’t interest me at all.

HB: Do you think there’s some vanity of mainstream culture still attached to brides needing things like their hair and makeup done on their big day?

P: As someone who works in the industry, I’m not going to say that people are vain if they want to look beautiful, however I do believe the definition of “beautiful” is attached to things like makeup and beauty products. I think you should do whatever you want to on your big day, whatever that looks like to you.

T: I think taking pride in your appearance is a beautiful thing. Nobody can tell me when I look beautiful or when I don’t — I know that for myself. With that said, there’s the stereotypical “bride” we see, usually dolled up and looking extravagant as she walks down that narrow aisle. That’s not everyone’s reality and that wasn’t mine. However that doesn’t negate the fact that I still felt beautiful.

HB: Recently, Meghan Markle has announced that she won’t be getting a professional makeup artist for her wedding. What do you think about that?

P: I think it’s her life, and if that’s what she wants to do, if [having friends] do her makeup is what makes her happy, then just do it.

T: Honestly, I don’t care. If she was any other person out on the street, nobody would bat their eyes twice. I think it’s because she’s marrying into royalty and that she is Black why people are so perplexed by the decision. She still was a person before marriage, she’ll be a person after.

HB: Why did you opt to do your own makeup for your big day?

P: I know my face better than anyone else, and I know what looks I like on myself.

T: The little bit I did was because I realized that I like what I like, and I also like saving money when I can do it myself.

HB: Any advice for people considering doing their own makeup for their wedding or feeling pressured to hire a professional?

P: At the end of the day, past the smoke and mirrors, it’s YOUR day. You have to enjoy it and be happy with it, so take out of the equation all the “rules” that you should abide by. You can watch YouTube tutorials and recreate looks on yourself with drugstore dupes or even products you’ve already got. Just have fun and enjoy your day.

T: Do what you want and do what makes you happy.

*Names have been changed.


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