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Tonight on Empire we’re all reminded that Eddie is pretty much winning his mission to steal Empire from Lucious and Cookie. Cookie suggests that sell their shares back from the board and go back private, but Lucious hates this idea because he worked hard to get Empire public, which means a spot on the stock exchange and a bigger spot in the universe.

However, without Empire, their money could get funny really quickly plus it’s just principal—no one would appreciate their business getting stolen. Lucious reconsiders Cookie’s idea and decides to go with buying their shares back, but they don’t have enough money for that, which presents a new problem. Cookie and Lucious try to line up billionaire Sam Gold for the deal, but Eddie and Anika got to him first. Gold isn’t interested in making a deal because he doesn’t want to go up against Eddie’s guy, Kelly Patel. Lucious tells Eddie that he’s not gonna beat him if he keeps playing games. Eddie feels big and bad because he’s on top now so he saunters away with Anika by his side.


Andre convinces Cookie and Lucious to let him finesse Eddie. He pays Eddie and Anika a visit and spins the story that Lucious doesn’t respect him, that Eddie’s vision for Empire is better, etc. Anika doesn’t buy it and has the nerve to talk super crazy to Andre. Side note, it’s amazing that Andre has been able to restrain himself around Anika, given the fact that she killed his wife and caused her to have a miscarriage, and got away with it and is still antagonizing his family. Mama Lucious was right about her all along. Anyway, Eddie invites Dre to join them. Next thing you know, we see Andre giving a speech, flanked by Eddie and Kelly Patel on each side, cosigning Patel’s acquisition. He lays it on thick about doubting his parents’ ability to run Empire, etc. But this is all a front. Dre gets close enough to Eddie and Patel to discover Patel’s bottom line number. It’s $650 million, a figure that Lucious and Cookie definitely don’t have.

Lucious and Cookie’s solution is to throw a “rent party.” They’re going to set up a separate bank account and throw a digital concert where they can crowdsource funds from fans. The next problem is, some of their artists are loyal to Eddie so they need performers. Hakeem and Jamal are on board, but Jamal needs to get his secret band on board, and they generally need to find other artists. One of those artists is Blake, they have forgiven him for that racist photo from when he was a child and genuinely believe his story about being forced into doing the Hitler salute by his trash father. Plus, Blake coming back is controversial. It’s all about the spectacle baby!

Eddie’s ex-wife, Giselle, the woman he’s in kahootz with behind Anika’s back, tells him that Dre is playing him, but Eddie says he’s playing Dre, which we already know, we just have to see what it is. Giselle also mentions that she doesn’t trust Anika. Eddie says he got it, but he asks her to do something for him. We’ll have to wait on what that thing is.


Now it’s party time! Performances are underway and Eddie and Patel are watching what’s happening, but they’ve prepared for this. Eddie tells Dre that they knew what he was up to and that they wanted him to find their number and run back and tell Lucious and Cookie but they’re chasing the wrong number. Patel is going for $700 million and he’s telling Dre because he wants all of this to stop because in his mind they’ve already won. They Dre to join them for real, for real. All he has to do is kill the rent party and they’ll bring Dre on board as the CFO of Patel’s company, the company that will own Empire. Y’all know this is all Andre has ever wanted so he makes us nervous when he makes his way into the control room and locks Lucious and Cookie out of the stream.

But we can relax. He tells Lucious and Cookie to tell them what the deal is. What Dre did was turn the server off and sit it to turn back on in 15 minutes, off paywall, whatever that means. When it comes back on, they must “show the world what they’re fighting for.”

Cookie and Lucious get back on the mic when the server comes back on and do a great job of convincing the public that Empire is under attack by Eddie Barker, whom he refers to as an Uncle Tom, and that they started Empire for the people and need to keep it for the people and black-owned. The speech is powerful enough to attract the likes of Magic Johnson, and Eve, and get the public to donate enough to save Empire.

Jamal and his band perform and all is right in the Lyon Family’s world.


Eddie and Patel are obviously pissed about this, but remember that thing Eddie had Giselle do? So, let’s cut to the next scene.

Eddie and Giselle pay Lucious and Cookie a visit while they’re having breakfast at home and cut to the chase. They know that Lucious is behind Shyne’s murder, Eddie had a hunch, because Eddie and Lucious are cut from the same cloth. Giselle obtained the scarf Lucious was wearing the night he killed Shyne. Giselle got it because she paid Lucious’ goons to give it to her and to snitch on Lucious. Remember how shook they were with Thirsty? Welp, here we are. Eddie demands that either Lucious withdraws his bid or be turned into the police.

Too bad Lucious didn’t think to pin it on Eddie first!


But, next week is the last episode of the season and Lucious is not going down without a fight. He would rather turn himself in before losing to Eddie. Hopefully Thirsty will come to the rescue again, though. He’s the real MVP.


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