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Folks are gonna learn to let Michaela Coel live, because she doesn’t play and will put you on blast.

This is a lesson a random white woman had to learn for mistaking the “Chewing Gum” actress for a flight attendant on a recent trip. This woman also had the audacity to ask Coel to “clean up her mess.”

The Brit, who looked NOTHING like a steward, tweeted Monday night: “Congratulations to Virgin Atlantic passengers once again! A lady just confused me for a hostess and asked me to clean up her mess and increase the flight temp. What I’m wearing… what the staff are wearing.”

Sigh. Obviously, her fans had a lot to say about this nonsense:

Sadly, this isn’t her first run-in with that airline.

The BAFTA award-winning actress told Vogue UK in January how while lining up to be sat, a white woman sped past her and two other Black men in the first-class line, staring in disbelief that they belonged there.

Cole said when the woman recognized she was wrong, she went back to Economy, where she belonged.

“I arrive at boarding: Economy on the left, Upper Class beside it in the corner. I join the Upper Class queue behind two well-dressed black men. Half a minute later, a white woman speed-walks past me and the two guys, into the wall. “Where’s th…?” She blinks, gives a look somewhere between embarrassed and apologetic, then U-turns and joins the back of the queue. It’s… whatever. Until I start wondering what she expected to find between the queue I’m in and, well, a wall. I turn to her, smile. “Is it your first time flying Upper Class with Virgin?”

“To suggest things may be going on in our brains that we aren’t fully conscious of, that we unknowingly make classist, sexist and racist presumptions… well, there just aren’t many comfortable ways to take that”

“Me? Oh no, no,” she replies. “I’m just blind as a bat.”

Coel just smiled and told her “safe travels.”

You tell him Michaela!


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