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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta is a little heavier than usual. It starts with the sad reminder that Shooter lost his son to gun violence, but takes a turn when his trifling arse says that Sierra wasn’t there for him in his time of need, as if he was there for her and actually faithful in his time of being a husband. I digress. We also find out that Karlie Redd’s father has cancer and he had a heart attack. That’s not good either. However, aside from all of the above, the episode also resumes the usual fluff we’re used to but it’s pretty lowkey for the most part.

Tommie and her mother are finally on good terms, but mama wants her daughters to get along too. Tommie and her little sister, Versace, can’t stand each other. Yes, her sister’s name is Versace. Anyway, Tommie’s mom convinces her that she can get Versace to apologize for whatever indiscretion she may have committed (which involved Tommie getting in trouble with the law). Let’s cut to the chase, Tommie meets up with the family at a photoshoot later on and it goes downhill. Not only is Tommie still not cool with Versace, but she’s also no longer cool with her mother after their conversation turned into a big blowout insult-fest. Tommie felt ambushed and she was intoxicated. We all know she’s a hostile drinker, so what actually started out on a calm note and with seemingly good intentions (her mom and sister were calm), went left. Everything is terrible.


Trifling Kirk meets up with Jasmine and tells her that he’s going to play an active role in their son Kanon’s life. Jasmine is single now, btw. If you recall, she was in a throuple last season, but she decided that situation wasn’t healthy. Rasheeda isn’t ready to have a relationship with Kanon, but she’s okay with Kirk being a father to his son. Actually, she says that Kirk is a great dad. He’s just a trash spouse. Rasheeda is also down with her children having a relationship with Kanon too. Interestingly enough, Kirk is still Rasheeda’s manager through all of this and set up a lucrative business deal for her because he thinks this will take her mind off of his indiscretions.

Rasheeda still hasn’t made any divorce moves yet. She also keeps referring to their situation as “going through something,” and this is the 50/11’th time Kirk disrespected her so it’s probably safe to say that she’ll come back around for more torture eventually.


Karlie Redd is trying to convince her father to move to Atlanta (from Florida). Her father is stubborn and claims that he’s fine. However, according to Karlie Redd, his doctors are saying he’s in bad shape. Then we learn that she has two sisters (same dad, different moms). The sisters play a role in trying to get him to move to Florida. It’s also revealed that Karlie Redd is power of attorney of her dad’s estate. That surprises her because she said she didn’t really grow up with him like that (she’s the youngest).

Finally, the episode ends with Tommie meeting up with Scrap’s old girlfriend/babymama, Tiara, women we met a couple of seasons ago (she only did one season). Tommie is definitely up to something, but the what part isn’t quite clear yet.

We’ll find out next week, though.


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