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The biological mother of Devonte Hart is finally speaking out about the deaths of her children by the hands of their adoptive mothers.

Sherry Davis, 48, told The Oregonian that the Texas’ Department of Family and Protective Services gave her three children away to “monsters.” She also opened up about her battle with addiction, how she lost custody and how if it wasn’t for her sister’s lawyer, she may have never known of her children’s death.

Davis’ children Devonte, Sierra and Jeremiah were with their adoptive parents, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, and their three other adopted siblings when Jennifer drove the family off a Northern California cliff last month.

Local police believe the crash was intentional.

Davis admitted that she lost custody of Devonte in 2006, along with siblings Jeremiah and Sierra because of her past cocaine addiction, which she swears she’s finally kicked through years of work. She even hoped to one day regain custody but she heard that the Harts adopted her kids she relapsed back in 2009.

“I gave up,” Davis said.

Before the Harts adopted the children, they were staying with the sister of Clarence Celestine, Jeremiah and Sierra’s father, who had a steady job at a hospital, had raised her own daughter and moved to a bigger house accommodate the children. However, she later lost custody because she let the kids see their mother unsupervised, which was a violation.

Clarence said he hasn’t “been able to sleep” since he heard the news and he wishes that his sister had been able to keep them.

“I don’t understand why they took the kids from my sister,” said Clarence.

“And gave them to monsters,” Davis added.

As we’ve previously reported, Devonte gained national attention when he was captured in a viral video of him offering free hugs during a protest in Oregon back in 2014. He and two of his siblings went missing after his parents’ car crashed off a cliff reportedly killing five family members.

Devonte’s body is still missing.
Just days before the crash, one of Devonte’s neighbors claimed that the young man begged for food, telling them that his mothers were trying to starve him to death.

Davis who is now married and has been clean for eight years,, is devastated about the abuse her children allegedly experienced by the Harts.

“They’re so quick to snatch [children] from people like us,” Davis said, “but once they’re adopted, they don’t even check on them?”

Now, she just wants to bury her babies in Texas to be closer to her.


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