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99 Jamz UnCensored With Trick Daddy

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The first season of Love and Hip-Hop Miami was promising, but now it’s time to go on break. The season finale begins with Trina and Trick Daddy interviewing at 99 Jamz about their forthcoming album and the fact that they are having a barbecue/performance as a way to give back to the community that supports them. This is going to be the backdrop for the rest of the drama in this episode.

Pretty Ricky is still struggle city, but they get back on good terms even with the whole Pleasure P being mad at Blue for working with Shay behind his back thing. Right now they’re moving forward.

Gunplay taps into his spiritual side to help him get back on track. He practices Santeria so he called on a priest to help him tap into the power of Yemaya. They head to the beach (Yemaya is, the goddess of the ocean, “the mother of all”) to pray. Keyara comes by after his session and tells him that she wants to see action. He apologizes for his behavior, but Keyar repeats her ultimatum. Either he goes to rehab or he loses her.

Now we’re at Trina and Trick’s cookout.

Young Hollywood flip-flopped back to Veronica Vega (because he wants to smash). He thinks that Amara was wrong for the whole industry networking kerfuffle. It seems like he missed the moment when Veronica was the one who ran up on Amara first. Anyway, he’s team Veronica so he’s going to be there for her when she acts a’fool again and pretend that she can do no wrong because…colorism.


Next Amara and Jojo are kicking it (before Veronica and Nahllywood Hollywood arrive) and they’re on the same page about Veronica being wack. Then Steph shows up and tells Amara that she had the best intentions in trying to bring them together at that event, but she’s done trying to mediate. Amara has no hard feelings against her but tells her that she doesn’t know the real Veronica, the Veronica who talks smack about everyone. And then Young Nahllywood and Veronica show up and it all goes downhill.

Veronica immediately starts going in on Jojo and Amara. She’s loud and ratchet and hurling insults at both women left and right. She’s too happy to tell Amra that Young Nahllywood won’t be working with her again. As if producers don’t come a dime a dozen, tuh! Then she really tries it when she tells Amara that she’s repping a culture she doesn’t understand. AS IF VERONICA VEGA IS THE ARBITER OF BLACKNESS! This is the same woman who thinks she has a pass to keep using the n-word.

The irony in that statement is just…let us speak in gif:


Then she takes a page from Mariahlynn’s Angry Cassowary playbook and runs across a picnic table to attack Jojo. Jojo doesn’t fight, this is something she has made clear all season, but Amara does. Amara jumps in, they get broken up because you know how that good ol’ Love and Hip-Hop security gets down, and that’s that. Steph heads over to check on Veronica and Young Nahllywood because she’s wack too.

In other news, Malik and Jeffrey make peace, and so do Trina and Bobby Lytes. But then later on Malik comes face to face with Bobby Lytes, and insists on confronting him because Bobby’s existence provokes Malik into rage. Seriously. It starts with a calm, collected conversation and then Malik spazzes out. Super unnecessary, but again, that Love and Hip-Hop security comes through. Bobby remains unbothered and goes about his business.

Speaking of unnecessary anger. Shay confronts Joy because Joy told P that Shay has been hanging out with Scrappy. That’s all it took for Shay to come through beefing. Joy, who happens to be sitting next to P, says she can tell anyone whatever and whenever she wants. This is true. True enough to trigger Shay to the point where she runs over the picnic table and tries to swing.


Trina and Trick Daddy finally perform, several hours later (because it went from daylight to night time), and then we get into the end montage where the castmates update us on whatever they have going on. We find out that JoJo decided to side with her mom so that she can get the financial compensation she wanted in the divorce. However, JoJo’s father cut her off as expected. She’s fine, though. She found an investor for her boutique and plans to keep it moving.

Finally, Gunplay is going to rehab.

Next week, we get to relive this with the cast during the Love and Hip-Hop Miami reunion.


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