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We’re back for Love and Hip-Hop Miami episode two. The first scene finds Pleasure P meeting up with Shay to discuss her incident from last week. He wants to know what she was thinking blowing up at his group, Pretty Ricky, last week. Shay feels like he owes her an apology for allowing his friend to disrespect him.

Did y’all see that last week?

Because if you did then you saw that Shay started that, right?

Anyway, P tells her that now the group is worried about her antics messing with their money moves. Shay goes into a dramatic monologue about how Scrappy would have rode for her and that he never disrespected her on this level…

Seems like she forgot when Scrappy proposed to Erica at a Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta reunion when they were still supposed to be a couple.

In the end of all this drivel, they makeup and move on. But little does Shay know, Pleasure P links up with his ex-girlfriend later one, and she wants to get back with him.


Fast forward a bit (because the in between is fluff promoter beef), we meet Veronica Vega, another artist who looks like the more stereotypical Latina (light skin, straight hair, etc), she also uses the n-word and use black girls as accessories in her videos. See the video for one of her most popular songs, “Pay Me.”

Anyway, she and Amara La Negra are cool. So cool that Amara La Negra links up with Veronica and another artist, Steph Lecor, who is a light-skinned Haitian woman signed to Dj Khaled, to kiki for the camera…and about what happened with Young Hollywood. You remember, right? He made trash colorist remarks to her about her looks, the fact that she embraces being Afro-Latina, and then tried to gaslight her by calling her psychotic when she politely called him out. Amara La Negra pours her heart out about how she has been dealing with negativity about her hair and her complexion her entire life and comes to tears. This is some real ish that many black women have to deal with. Steph and Veronica comfort her and tell her to keep it pushing and eff the ignorant haters.

But from the previews, we know this is going to fall apart quickly because Veronica is not a real one.

Gunplay links up with his boo Keyara, who also moved from Atlanta to Miami to be with him. She’s beefing with him because he reveals that he met up with his ex, Tip Drill Miami Tip and that she was pushing up on him. Gunplay claims it was all business on his part and that he’s just being honest because he’s trying to reform his playa ways. That’s not enough to satisfy Keyara despite the fact that Gunplay says she should just be happy he’s being honest and that he didn’t mess around on her when he could have. Hold that thought, because what’s coming is a doozy, and not in a way you’d expect.

Now we’re at some showcase and Young Hollywood is there. Steph and Veronica roll up and to see what was up with Young Hollywood’s wack comments. Not surprisingly, Young Hollywood takes a liking to Veronica. First, they call him out on his BS and he gives a trash reply by downplaying what happened with Amara, and once again gas lights her. He even says that he doesn’t have a problem with her “Afro-Puff or that thing that’s on top of her head.”

Tried. It.


Then he says he’ll apologize to Amara if Veronica goes on a date with him. Steph steps away leaves them alone, so he lays it on thick trying to kick it to Veronica. He tells her she’s cute and that he wants to take her to dinner and Veronica is way too open toward this man who just played her friend. Tuh!

She ain’t a real one.


Anyway, back to Keyara. She decides to roll up on Tip Drill Miami Tip to discuss her pushing up on Gunplay. Tip Drill Miami Tip shuts Keyara down real smooth. She tells Keyara hat she doesn’t want Gunplay. Actually, now that she’s seeing what Keyara looks like, she wants her.


Keyra was ready to fight, but she is stunned by this and extra gassed and actually starts giving it back a little bit. Crisis averted. This is the best crisis aversion in Love and Hip-Hop history. Keyara struts out of there just a bit prouder of herself and Tip Drill Miami Tip makes it clear that she is enjoying the view as Keyara sashay’s out.


The episode ends with Joy rolling up to Tick’s house because he hasn’t be returning her calls and text messages. Here’s the backstory, Joy is Trick Daddy’s ex or soon to be ex-wife, or whatever they are. She is also Trina’s cousin. Anyway, Joy and Trick have been separated for four years or something like that and still feel some type of way about each other.

Joy shows up because she wants to give Trick an explanation for why she left. She says she left because she wasn’t happy. Trick says that she left him and hasn’t been happy since and wants to know what she’s trying to prove. He then tells her that she “left the king in the castle and now she’s running around with peasants,” then he talks about all the material things he spoiled her with. Joy says the money was nice, but she never had the love and respect she needed from him and that she needs him to take accountability for what he lacked. Instead, Trick blows up at her, doesn’t really address her concerns, and leaves her sitting in the living room so he could go take a shower and avoid this conversation that he’s probably been avoiding for four years even further.



See you next week, same ratchet time, same ratchet channel.


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