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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Miami begins with Trick Daddy complaining about how his relationship with his wife Joy is in complete shambles, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Joy wants a divorce, as we know, and Trick is salty so he’s behaving like a petulant child. He’s going to give her her divorce, after 4.5 years, and throw a divorce party too. Joy is invited, of course, and he’s sending flyers out around town because he wants to make a spectacle of this.


Veronica Vega and Steph Lecor link up for a kiki. Basically, Veronica feels some type of way that Jojo went behind her back and told Amara the shady stuff she said. Eventually, Trina joins them and tries to shift the conversation away from the drama. Then Trina attempts to introduce a real conversation about how Veronica Vega uses the “n-word” in her music. Basically, Veronica Vega says she’s a minority, gets discriminated against, that her great-grandmother is from Africa and she’s from Hialeah (a neighborhood in Miami that is super hood), so basically she’s not gonna stop saying it and according to Trina, that’s her business.


Shay attempts to do a face to face meeting with Chinese Nicky and Chinese Kitty to discuss their fashion show fight, and Dawn comes along with her for yet another Love and Hip-Hop checks moral support. They meet up in a parking lot and are separated by a steel barricade.


They start talking like mature adults at first, but you already know it doesn’t go well. They don’t end up fighting because of the barricade and because that good ol’ Love and Hip-Hop security shuts it all the way down. Later on, Shay meets up with Scrappy and tries to force him to not work with them just to be petty and Scrappy doesn’t go for it. He basically tells her, “You’re not the boss of me!” Not verbatim, but that is the gist of it. As a result, Shay has a temper tantrum and storms away from him. It’s probably for the best anyway.

Meanwhile, Amara La Negra’s deal this episode is that her mother offered to get a second job to help her out. This just puts the battery in Amara La Negra’s back to work harder for the crossover success that she wants. Ironically, Young Hollywood hooks her up with a major radio interview one that could get her closer to the exposure she’s looking for. During the interview, Young Hollywood explains the story of how they met and all the shady things he said to her, but it seems they’ve made peace and the folks at the station seem to like Amara La Negra’s song, “What a Bam Bam.”

And at the moment, it doesn’t seem to be available for embedding yet. Booooo.

Anyway, Young Hollywood still gets the side eye, but this is a step in the right direction.


Now we’re at Trick Daddy’s divorce party. It gets really petty when Trick Daddy makes an announcement claiming that Joy looks like a stripper and that he has two of his side chicks in the building and that he won’t be marrying any of them.

Trick Daddy should be honored that Joy ever gave his simple arse play.


She got him good by handing him a bill for her lawyer fees. Trick Daddy rips it up and continues his tantrum, and it’s sad because Trick Daddy could have avoided all of this if he’d just express the fact that he still loves her and actually wants to work it out. Seriously, if he had just been honest with his feelings he could have been cupcaking with Joy on a beach somewhere instead of fighting with her.


The episode concludes with Keyara confronting Gunplay because she knows he’s back on the white horse (coke). This scene is far from entertaining. It’s quite sad because when she confronts him, he starts acting erratically. And what makes this worse is that they are on set for his latest video for a song about coke.


In short, this conversation doesn’t go well at all. Gunplay is yelling and carrying on because he’s not even in his right mind and Keyara is so over it that she leaves with no intentions of being with him unless he goes to rehab and gets it together.


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