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Love and Hip-Hop Miami picks back up from Shay’s backstage brawl with Chinese Kitty and her mom (Liz is also present). Security breaks it up because that’s what Love and Hip-Hop security does. Prince is pissed because drama like this makes him look crazy as a promoter. This is his last straw with Liz and he claims he’s done with her in his lie.

Jojo fills Amara La Negra in on all the shade and fakeness tossed around the other night when so-called friends, Steph Lecor and Veronica Vega, threw her under the bus right along with Young Nahllywood Hollywood. Amara is tight, but she has some petty of her own waiting to be fired out of the cannon. Now that she sees how Veronica Vega gets down, she reveals how Veronica was talking smack about Jojo, saying that she wouldn’t mess with a girl like Jojo because she’s too bourgie. Mind you, Veronica and Jojo are supposed to be tight. But not anymore because Jojo plans to confront her.


Pleasure P was out of town for a hot second, but he’s back so he has to face the drama with his women. Gabby confronts P to tell him how dead wrong he is for leading her on and not telling her that he’s with Shay. Gabby then reveals what happened at Prince’s fashion show. P tries to flip the script and asks her about Prince. Gabby doesn’t fall for it and she storms out. She claims she’s done, but seeing is believing on this show.


Juju does some Love and Hip-Hop hopping and comes back to her hometown to kick it with Amara La Negra, her Afro-Latina sister who understands the frustration of people’s ignorance surrounding Black Latina’s (they actually grew up together). Amara La Negra vents about what happened with Young Nahllywood Hollywood. Juju gets it and wants to make Amara La Negra feel better. She decides to set up a photoshoot for Amara La Negra with various looks, including wigs from her hairline. Amara slays her photoshoot, of course, and this isn’t over because Juju wants to put the photos on display. Hold that thought.

Shay and P finally get together to talk about their disaster of a relationship and how dead wrong P was. P doesn’t take responsibility for his part in this mess and Shay is rightfully pissed that he lied to her, especially because he knows that she has been through a lot of relationship drama in her past. She’s basically in tears as she tells him that he should have left her alone if he was going to do this to her and that she’s starting to hate him. P says he used to be in love with her, but he’s not into the fussing. Finally, P tells her that this situation isn’t going to work. He has the nerve to tell her he wants to still be her friend. Shay is still in love with him and not interested in being his friend, so that’s that. Now she’s heartbroken and he’s free to be a dirty dog. Remember, she moved to Miami for him.


Back to Amara La Negra.

Juju’s friends put the photos from Amara’s shoot on display at an art gallery. Jojo, with Amara’s blessing, invites Steph and Young Nahllywood Hollywood to the gallery for the unveiling of the exhibit named, “I Am Not My Hair.” This doesn’t stop Young Nahllywood Hollywood from being an ignorant fool, though. He basically says that she looks better in the straight hair and that that’s all he was trying to say in the first place.


Jojo says she likes the Afro the most, Young Nahllywood Hollywood says he doesn’t.


Amara rolls through late, this time she’s wearing a short bob wig that looks nice. Young Nahllywood Hollywood greets Amara and says he likes her hair, then asks her if she took his advice. The gag is, Steph and Nahllywood don’t even get why they’re there (Veronica wasn’t there because she was too busy to make it). This is the part where Amara and Jojo blows up their spots. And of course, Steph and Nahllywood do what shady people do–try to deny it. They have the unmitigated gall to claim they weren’t talking smack, but it’s cool because Juju and Jojo have Amara’s back, in fact, Juju goes all the way off (because at the end of they day, Amara met with him for his production skills, not image styling). Nahllywood seems to think his gaslighting was apologizing, claims he isn’t racist and is too cowardice to deal with it so he leaves, but not before saying he saw too much neck popping.


Amara squashes the tension with Steph, but it doesn’t change the fact that Steph is shady. And get this, Nahllywood comes back after taking a breath, to apologize. He tells Amara that what he said to her came out wrong, yatta yatta. It actually seems kinda genuine this time, and Amara accepts his apology.

But he still ain’t sh-t.


Malik and Jeffrey are still in the middle of their illicit rekindle-their-love fest, but they didn’t know that Bobby Lytes was keeping tabs on them the whole time thanks to social media. In fact, we find Malik and Jeffrey at a pool party, with Malik telling Jeffrey that he wanted him to move in (this is after they’ve been smashing for the past couple of days), and Bobby pulls up on the fun.


And then he starts swinging.


He smacks fire out of Jeffrey and Jeffrey goes ham. Meanwhile, Prince is pissed because this is his pool party, another event getting ruined. Bobby says he didn’t mean to swing, but seeing Jeffrey with his ex made him see red. And then we end on a shirtless, rightfully irate Jeffrey telling the cameras to gtfoh.

More drama next week, especially when Bobby attempts to apologize.


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