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Remember how Olivia and Fitz got it on last week after Olivia pretended to be crushed over Quinn’s death? Well, on tonight’s episode of Scandal, he asks her to go to Vermont and she surprisingly agrees, but when she gets to her beautiful cabin she discovers it’s an intervention. Huck, Abby, Rosen and Marcus pop out and tell her they know what she did and they have her on tape talking about it. The deal is, if she admits what she did then she just gives up B613 and all her power and Rosen won’t prosecute her. Olivia tries to gaslight everyone by claiming this isn’t her fault and that they’ve all done something dirty.


Back at Rowan Pope’s house, we find Charlie preparing to beat the breaks off Rowan a few feet away from the baby, who is crying in her crib, but Quinn pops out him and tells him that Rowan is protecting her. Charlie is obviously freaked out and also pissed.

Next, Cyrus tells Mellie that Olivia killed Rashad. Mellie asks for proof, Cyrus then says he thinks Quinn had something on her so now Mellie puts two and two together about Quinn’s “death” too. Mellie demands to speak to Olivia but gets informed that she’s not in the office.

Jake doesn’t know where Olivia is either (for obvious reasons). He calls her but doesn’t get an answer. Mellie finds him in his secret B613 room in the White House and tells him she knows what’s up and Olivia better show up soon or there will be trouble, starting with filling that room with cement with Jake inside.


Back at Rowan Pope’s house, we find Quinn and Rowan soothing the baby by singing Britney Spears’ “One More Time.” And Charlie is looking at them like…


But this bonding time doesn’t last long. Charlie wants to take Quinn and the baby elsewhere, but Rowan Pope feels that they’re safer with him. Obviously, this is a source of contention. Charlie feels that he can take care of his family without Rowan. Rowan doesn’t think so but at the same time, he also lowkey enjoys Quinn’s company (she’s like the daughter he lost) and having a baby around. Charlie takes his case to Quinn, but Quinn also thinks it’s best that she stays at Rowan’s place and that Olivia thinks she’s dead. Knowing her man, she also tells him not to kill Olivia.

Jake tells Cyrus he better tell Mellie to shut down her investigation and any impending punitive action or he will kill him and make it look like a suicide. Cyrus ain’t never scared and calls Jake’s bluff. Jake falls back for now, but he makes it his mission to find Olivia.

In Vermont, Olivia is holed up in a room in the cabin acting like a petulant child while the gladiators take turns trying to talk sense into her. Abby tries from the girlfriend angle, you know she understands how the allure of power can get you in trouble (*coughs* Frankie Vargas). Rosen starts reading all of the potential charges she could face. It’s not working. Speaking of Abby, she apologizes to Huck for not believing him about Olivia.


Mellie and Cyrus are trying to figure out what to do and at least wants answers before taking action, because she feels like Olivia did what she did for a reason. Cyrus reminds Mellie that neither Neither Olivia nor Jake will go quietly. Then he says that Mellie is really just afraid to lead without her and that Olivia is making a fool of her.

Olivia finally comes out of her room and attempts to emotionally manipulate Huck. She tells him she needs him to get her out of the house and be B613 with her. He says he can’t because she killed one of their own and that what she did was unforgivable. He’s done serving her. In fact, he makes this very clear when he says, “I’m not your gladiator anymore.”

When Huck is done with Olivia, you know this is the end of days.


Jake heads to Liv’s apartment in searching of her. Mellie is waiting for him with her secret service. She wants to know why Olivia did what she did. Jake spills the tea about how Olivia made a deal with the Bashrani rebels. Mellie doesn’t believe it and demands to know the truth. Jake tries to keep it cute, but she keeps pressing the issue then he gives her the answer: Ain’t nobody got time for Mellie to be in love again! Olivia was not feeling the idea of Mellie falling in love with Rashad and ruining everything she worked for by making lovestruck silly decisions.

Olivia seemingly comes to her senses and writes a note of resignation as Chief of Staff and keeps Mellie clean of any criminal involvement and she agrees to make her announcement that night at a live press conference. Olivia then says that she will step down from B613 but Jake has to dismantle it. Then she delivers a non-apology for not being able to admit that she’s wrong. That was basically the apology, “I’m sorry I can’t admit that I’m wrong, I know I hurt people.” She comes to tears claiming that she wishes she could tell Quinn, yatta yatta.


Anyway, later on she’s back in DC and she finds Jake and tells him she’s about to lose every friend she has ever had as she seduces him in desperation. The gladiators watch the press conference, waiting for the announcement that never comes.They call around looking for Live, but she’s um, busy. Once Jake and Live are done getting busy, Liv barks orders at Jake. She demands that he talk Mellie out of shutting down B613. He pushes back, but she tells him to just do it. The way she talks to him is even more callous and distant than usual and for the first time, Jake has a look on his face like he finally sees her for what she is and he’s finally tired of being the Pope Family Pet. Think about it, if Huck can be done with Olivia, then so can Jake.


The Gladiators, plus Fitz, are in a quandary, they don’t know what to do with Olivia because they don’t have enough evidence to convict her, and there would also be messy fallout because other people would get sucked into the storm for crimes they didn’t commit (*coughs* Mellie).

Jake goes to Mellie as he’s told but the convo goes in a completely different direction. In the next scene, we find Olivia walking into work all cocky and assured that she got this, but then she finds Jake packing up her things in her office.

Olivia confronts Mellie and demands to know what she did, but we’ll have to wait until next week for the answer.


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