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A Nevada Air Force Sergeant has come under fire for posting a racist video where she complains about how disrespectful her “Black female” subordinates are towards her. In the now-deleted recording, she claims that African-American women all have attitudes.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, in her inflammatory video Tech. Sgt. Geraldine Lovely, who was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, uses all types of swear words and racial stereotypes to make her biased and uninformed point.

“It pisses me the f**k off that they have no respect and constantly have an attitude,” Lovely, 30, says in the video. “What the f**k is up with that?”

“They’re talking down to me. I’m trying to tread lightly as a higher-ranking (non-commissioned officer) to not blow the f*** up and start a fight club.”

Lovely, who is everything but, adds, “Every time I f***ing talk to them, it’s like I’m just some stupid a** girl that doesn’t even deserve to be talked to as a person.”

Lovely initially posted the video on a private Facebook group page named Nellis Burn Book.” However, the video was reposted publicly, and since  garnered over 1.7 million views.

Heavy noted that instead of Lovely being humbled and offering any type of apology for her racist rant, she wrote, “Thank you for ruining my career.”

Since the story has been picked up by numerous national and local outlets, the Air Force says they have “remov[ed] [Lovely] from her supervisory role,” the Sun reported.

In addition to stripping her of her rank, the Air Force stressed in a statement that they plan on using the video as a means of figuring out whether Lovely’s beliefs are an isolated issue or a rampant issue within their ranks.

“TSgt Geraldine Lovely, a member of the 99th Force Support Squadron, has been removed from her supervisory role while leadership continue to gather facts regarding this incident. Leadership are exploring disciplinary actions and are checking to see if this is a broader issue on the base. While the actions of this individual are inappropriate and unacceptable, we are using this unfortunate situation to continue a dialogue with our Airmen about the topic of good order and discipline, as well as adherence to the Air Force Core Values,” they wrote.

Once again, in Trump’s America people feel entirely too comfortable being racist. Thankfully, this is an example of people paying the price for their ignorance.


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