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If you don’t know Pastor Mark Burns, you aren’t missing out. He is the South Carolina pastor who was outed as falsifying his biography — including lying about being in the Army Reserve. He also defends Trump at any cost (he is on the President’s evangelical counsel) and frequently babbles on MSNBC. He’s basically the Paris Dennard of MSNBC.

Satuday morning on AM Joy, Joy-Ann Reid tried to have a discussion about Trump calling African nations and Haiti “shithole” countries. First, Burns denied Trump made the comment then went on a vocal rampage about the dysfunction of Haiti and the entire continent of Africa (he managed to drop a compliment about Nigeria). Watch the exchange below.


Burns’ screaming and defense of hate was not very Christ-like. He was so perturbed by Joy, 45 minutes after his segment, he sent this  grammatically incorrect tweet, “#AMJoy should moved to #Haiti since she cares more for Haitians than Black Americans here in Poverty…”

First, that’s not what she said and it’s possible to have enough empathy in you heart to care for Black folks here in the U.S. and around the Globe.

Well trust and believe, Joy caught wind of this Tweet and got him all the way together in a segment on Saturday’s show.

“Wow” Reid responded. “Let me address you. sir, I always do try to be kind to the people who are on the show, but we’re not friends. You’re somebody that I am glad that you’re willing to come on and I do try to be fair to you and I’m glad that you can see that.”

She added: “As to the idea that I need to move to Haiti to be concerned about the people there; sir, you are a pastor,” she continued. “And in the Bible — you love to quote the Bible. Let me quote you John. It says: ‘Whoever sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?’”

“I too am the child of immigrants and African-Americans and people who consider ourselves African-Americans, some of us have parents who are immigrants.”

Take a look at this epic read:


We hope that after this morning, Joy never books this hack for her show again!


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