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Based on the success and versatility of her highlighters and foundations, when Rihanna announced she was releasing a red lipstick, Stunna, I (and the rest of the world) was naturally excited. When it arrived to the Hello Beautiful office via Charise’s savvy ordering skills, the oversized package held a pint-sized product that would be the answer to every woman who has ever wanted to wear red lipstick on a date, but didn’t want it to kiss off on their beau.

Danielle James

Source: Danielle James / Hello Beautiful

Given the success of Ruby Woo with MAC (and then Ri Ri Woo), I wasn’t surprised that Rihanna’s first lipstick would be red one. I did wonder, however, how the formula would rival. Stunna Lip Paint boasts to be a “12 hour liquid lipstick with a soft matte finish.” The lip paint does last for a long time (but definitely not 12 hours). I put it on, ate lunch, went out for a drink, came home, and it had smeared a little on my face and feathered (but I didn’t add a liner).

With matte lipsticks, I always wonder about it over drying my lips, but this formula does not do that. It also fades nicely, not coming off all at once or flaking off your lips like some formulas.  The other thing that I noticed was how nice this formula looks on multiple skin tones. No matter your shade, you can wear this. I do find the formula to be a bit brighter than pictured, but I still love it.

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See how Stunna looks on different shades of melanin and get the feedback from #TeamBeautiful!

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