We’re having a hard time keeping with up Russ.  He has girls fighting over him on blogs, he’s writing letters to his ex and the girls he pulls are hot as hell!!!!

Russell puts the blogs on blast

Russell recently underwent surgery to remove an infection from one of his hands and it seems like he has a hot new bedside nurse named Noemie Lenoir. You may not know the name, but we’re sure you’ve seen that face.  Noemi is an African-French hottie who has graced the covers of publications such as Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues. got word from one of their snitches who actually visited Simmons, that Simmons and Lenoir were joined at the hip. Though the source revealed there wasn’t any type of public displays of affection, had the two been alone, it would’ve been a completely different story. “It was crazy how their eyes followed each other around the room every time one of them got up to do something. The interaction between them seems refreshing on both parts. They looked really happy.”

How does Russell do it??? 

One of Russell’s girls says: “I’m Nobody’s White B**ch!!

Check out Russell’s new hot girlfriend below:

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