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I discovered The White Company via my mother. A candle aficionado our home always smells fresh and sweet with their signature scents around the holidays and into the Spring.

However, I fell in love with The White Company when I discovered their skincare products. The White Company is the British version of Martha Stewart Living meets Oprah. A lifestyle company to help elevate you to your best life possible via clothing, household items and now skincare. The best part is that this company, that has been London based for years, is expanding to the United States and just opened it’s first location this past Summer in New York City.

The moment you walk in the store you smell freshness and want to prepare to throw a minimalistic dinner party for 25 of your chicest friends. The company has expanded into skincare and I’m obsessed with their daily cleanser. The Super Balm is a $40 cleanser that is worth it.

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You apply this product directly onto your face and rub it in. As you rub it in, it feels like almost a light oil. I’ve used this to remove a full face of makeup with no residue left over afterwards. I use a little less than a quarter size of product for half of my face. I rub it in and then remove with a warm wash rag. This product is not only gentle on your face, but also hydrating. My face feels like I’ve placed a serum on it when I’m done.

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The Super Balm (or any of their skincare products) are not tested on animals (yes!) and have cleansing, hydrating, and emulsifying properties to provide you with the healthiest, cleanest skin on a daily basis. The product contains plant esters which assist in cleansing and makeup remover. The corn humectants are to provide moisture to your skin and gives your skin an immediate glow at the end of the process. The built-in emulsion system fights blemishes. This all in one daily cleanser has everything you need to protect and power your skin while simultaneously being gentle. If you have sensitive skin, this product is for you.

I’ve been using this product consistently for about two weeks and love it! All my other cleansers have been quietly pushed to the back of my medicine cabinet. It just leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and clean…but not stripped.

If you have tried this Super Balm tell me your experience in the comments!


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