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Wendy Williams finally had her say about the backlash from her leaked beach pics.

Wendy didn’t let a few criticism about her bikini body spoil her vacation. Instead she waited to return to her show to give her official response.

Twitter was on fire last week as pictures surfaced, and there was no shortage of less-than-complimentary comments about Wendy’s physique. Although she was surprised that she was captured frolicking on the beach, she wasn’t surprised by the response her pictures received. And, given the nature of her job, Wendy didn’t take the hate personally.

“I can dish it; I can also take it,” Wendy said when she got back to her purple chair. But there is something that makes her uncomfortable about the fallout.

“These pictures have made me a hot topic, which I can’t stand,” she admitted. Wendy knows what she looks like, and she’s been pretty open about her shape in the past. Viewers know Wendy has pointed out the dispropotion in her frame before. “How many times have I told you all that I’m shaped like a ‘P’? My party is in the front; never in the back,” she said.

That said, she wasn’t letting T.I. off the hook for his insuts.

“Shoutout to the lovely T.I., who was very civilized in his comments regarding my lack of behind,” Wendy said, sprinkling a little extra shade on the situation before moving onto the next subject. “T.I., I don’t have a behind just like you don’t have height, which is why you wear lifts.”


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