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On tonight’s episode of Insecure: Issa and Molly still can’t get it together. We’re in the aftermath of Molly and Dro’s steamy sexual encounter from last week. Molly is so mortified by what happened that she can’t even say what they did out loud above a whisper. True story. Molly is nervous that things will never be the same between them, but she does want them to be able to move forward as homies–as if that could ever happen again.


Issa’s car is still busted up. Her bumper is hanging off and she’s taking the bus a lot more often. Also frustrating is that not only will it take a couple of weeks to get her car fixed, but it will also cost $5,500 that she doesn’t really have. I’m convinced that this is a metaphor for her love life.


Issa, as a way to not actually deal with her bs, decides that she needs to get her bones jumped to ease the pain, so she rolls up to neighbor bae’s place–you know, the one with the wack peen–thinking she’s about to get some. Mind you, she only chose neighbor bae because Daniel didn’t text her back in a timely manner. But neighbor bae plays her too. He has a girl up in the crib–a classmate who has been “teaching him a lot lately.”  Issa acts like it’s cool, but she’s pissed because she’s supposed to be in control of her “hoetation,” but we all know she’s not because she’s really not about that life anyway. Later on she gets so desperate to be in control that she invites another Tinder bae over and immediately starts trying jump his bones. He wants to slow down because he actually wants to get to know her, go out to a restaurant, and date like a grownup. Issa insists on trying force sex anyway, and he leaves her stuck on stupid because he’s genuine. Genuine men actually exist. Way to self-sabotage again, Issa.


Molly links up with Dro to watch a basketball game and to tell him that she wants to move forward as  friends without sex. However, her mission gets aborted when they end up having sex again. Dro knows what she was there to tell him yet here they are. He tells Molly that his wife knows about this and that it was her idea for them to see other people because she doesn’t want either of them to ever feel trapped. Mmmkay. Then he tells Molly that they can either “keep talking about this or choose to be in it.” Molly chooses to be in it. It’s obvious that this going to get messy. It’s also important to note that Molly hasn’t reconciled with her parents through all of this. Her mom has been calling her non-stop and she refuses to answer the call. SUPER MESSY.


Lawrence is boring this week. He’s back focusing on work and dealing with the frustrations of being one of the only black faces on the job. Moving on…

Issa finally links up with Daniel and gets what she was looking for, kind of. Let’s backtrack a little bit. Earlier, during a convo with her girlfriends just before a fellatio workshop (yes, those actually exist), she tells them that she doesn’t really like doing it and that if she go down on a dude it means she really likes him. So get this, she goes down on Daniel. But we knew she really liked him. That’s a memo from Captain Obvious all day.


Anyway, she learned a lot in that class because Daniel was into it. He’s so into it that he loses control and finishes in her face–in her eye to be exact, and she gets pissed. Y’all. She got upset with him, started going off on him and gets even more upset when he tells her that he didn’t ask her to do it and let us note that he did warn her beforehand, but she wasn’t quick enough.

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 Meanwhile, we’re all just like, girl, grow up.

Matter of fact, this one’s for Issa:



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