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Tonight’s episode of Insecure features more mess caused by our favorite self-sabotagers, Issa and Molly. The episode opens with confirmation that Issa and Daniel are definitely in a situationship. You know, friends with benefits. Issa claims that she’s just putting dudes in “hoetation” and that she don’t love them though, but we know she’s not about that life.


Lawrence gets called for jury duty and finds himself trolling Instagram as he waits to hear what his status is as a juror. You know what happens when you troll Instagram, stalking your exes, right? He sees a photo of Daniel and Issa and then starts stalking Daniel and coming up with all these crazy theories about their perceived relationship.  Later on Lawrence presents the idea to Derek that Issa had been cheating on him the entire time. Derek shoots it down, rightfully so, but reminds Lawrence that he’s not innocent here either. He got complacent–you know–the whole being unemployed and unmotivated for two years while his woman took care of him thing? Yup. 


Work for Issa is the same BS as usual. Work for Molly is still frustrating, but one of her old co-workers suggests that she consider leaving LA for a firm that will treat her better. We’ve been set up for Molly to potentially leave and move to Chicago, but hopefully that doesn’t happen. That can’t happen, right. Molly and Issa need each other in LA! I digress.

Anyway, the crux of Molly’s storyline this episode is that she goes to her parents’ house for their 35-year anniversary party and discovers a dark secret. But first, Dro, Molly’s childhood neighbor, and the same guy who wants to bring her into his allegedly open marriage (remember the “Slow Motion” incident), comes through. Molly feels awkward seeing Dro, but to her credit, she did invite Lionel to come through. You remember Lionel, right? He’s the one who actually likes her has a good job and came through with the SZA tickets. His presence is kind of a nice save, but not really because she wants Dro so bad. It’s painfully obvious. And then…

Later on Molly finds out that her dad cheated on her mother and spazzes out. She makes a major scene by confronting her dad about what he did, as well as her mom for staying. It’s obvious that her mom forgave him, but she just can’t deal and storms out of the party. Dro blocks Lionel by driving Molly home, in her own car and, hold that thought.

Issa is getting into her own shenanigans. Basically, she’s busy texting neighbor bae, or whomever it is she met on Tinder, and she gets into a car accident because she wasn’t paying attention and her car gets badly damaged. She was supposed to meet Daniel at the studio but obviously can’t. She’s surprised when she calls Daniel to give him the news and he offers to pick her up. Once on the scene, Daniel hugs her–one of those long, deep hugs–happy that she’s okay. But then Issa makes things awkward by changing the subject and starts rambling about how they’re both seeing other people (but the look on Daniel’s face suggests that he’s probably not seeing anyone else) and that they should be open and honest with each other because she doesn’t want to mess things up like she did last time.


Basically, this is a set up for more confusion. You know at some point Issa is going to pretend she doesn’t have feelings for Daniel when she actually does and that’s going to come into play when he starts showing interest in other women because Issa pushed him away.


But then she’s also going to be reminded that she still has feelings for Lawrence too.

Back to Molly. On the drive back home, Molly says she felt stupid trying to find someone like her dad all these years only to find out that her dad did what he did. Just when she and Dro are about to part ways after he drops her off, Molly grabs him, they kiss, and end up having sex. It’s a hot sex scene too, but you know it’s going to be full of regret for Molly.

But wait, Molly is mad at her dad for cheating on her mom so she sleeps with a married man? Even though he claims he’s in an open marriage, there’s something off about this.


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