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Hurricane Harvey–now called Tropical Storm Harvey–has devastated parts of Texas this weekend with massive rain wind and flooding. As of now, five had been confirmed dead in Houston with hundreds injured and thousands have been rescued from dangerously high water.

On Sunday the National Weather Service called the flooding that’s dominated Houston and other coastal cities “unprecedented” and “beyond anything experienced.”

According to the Huff Post, NWS officials have stressed that the storm “will bring dozens more inches of rain over the coming days, and that heavy flooding could plague the area for weeks.”

“With this flooding event we were using words like catastrophic and life threatening,” said Dennis Feltgen, a spokesman for the National Hurricane Center.

“It’s as bad as we thought it was going to be, and it’s only getting worse.”

The National Hurricane Center said at least 50 inches of rain has fallen in some areas, and one meteorologist estimated some 340 billion gallons of rainfall inundated the area. As a result,  authorities have asked residents to stay off the streets and to climb to rooftops if trapped by water.

According to CNN, other developments include:

  • Florida, Virginia and New York are sending emergency workers and equipment to Texas. “After Superstorm Sandy, so many cities stepped up to help our people. We’ll do all we can to help those affected by this storm,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Twitter.
  • Brock Long, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said the recovery effort will take a long time. “FEMA is going to be there for years,” he said.
  • 316,000 customers lost electricity because of the storm, Gov. Greg Abbott said.
  • Abbott has activated 3,000 national guard and state guard service members. They will bring 500 vehicles and 14 aircraft, and will open six shelters, he said.
  • The Red Cross is serving about 130,000 meals a day, the governor said.
  • Ten critically ill babies in Corpus Christi were taken to a hospital in North Texas ahead of the storm, the Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth said in a statement.
 Take a look at some of the horrific devastation:

Meanwhile, President Trump has yet to send any public prayers or concerns for the Americans who have lost their lives or homes to this tragic natural disaster. NOT ONE!

However, he did find the time to brag about what a great job he and the government are doing.

This lame response to this type of destruction only adds to the president’s growing perception problem that he lacks empathy for human life and is only focused on winning. But what more can you expect from a man who during the violence in Charlottesville bragged about his winery in the city?

While #45 may have a hard time caring for others–we don’t.

We’re all praying for you Texas!


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