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If you were watching President Trump’s unhinged speech in Phoenix the other night, you definitely noticed an equally unhinged Brotha’ standing behind him wearing a T-shirt that said “Trump & Republicans Are Not Racist.

Was he a paid plant? (#45’s campaign is known to hire folks of color to give the illusion of diversity.) Is he an actor trying to get his fifteen minutes of fame? Or is he an actual person who just needs more Black friends in his life?

Well thanks to some great reporting by The Washington Post and the Huff Post, we can now spill all the tea:

His name is “Michael the Black Man”: But he is also known as Michael Symonette, Maurice Woodside and Mikael Israel. But for real: Who has this many aliases?

He was charged with murder in the early 1990s: But as the WaPo noted, he was later acquitted on conspiracy to commit two murders. He also has a pretty impressive rap sheet that includes arrests for racketeering, firebombing, conspiracy in 14 murders, and grand theft auto. But like his past murder charges, none of these charges stuck either, the Huff Post points out.

He used to be in a Black supremacist cult: We didn’t know even know these existed, but apparently Michael was running with a pretty violent crew called the Temple of Love.  Its leader, Yahweh ben Yahweh (formerly known as Hulon Mitchell Jr.), was later sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for conspiring to commit murder.

He referred to Former President Obama as “The Beast”:

President Barack Obama Fundraising In Boston

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

(And we don’t think he means this in a good way) See after Yahweh went to jail, it seems that Michael and his former cult members started to change their views–which included having serious issues with Obama. Michael even got so paranoid that he claimed that the president tried to assassinate him. OK, bruh. 

Oh, and he thinks Oprah is the “devil”: He doesn’t just hate on Obama, he also can’t stand Oprah Winfrey.  He thinks she is the “devil.” And during the 2016 Presidential campaign, he said that Hillary Clinton was part of the KKK. 

He’s got lots of pics of him with other high-profile GOP folks: The Huff Post pointed out that his FB page is riddled with pics of him posing with a number of high-profile Republican politicians and surrogates, including Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and the president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr. There are also videos of him at a rally with Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) and celebrating with Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway.

Guess they don’t know about his past and problematic political views. LOL

His websites are nothing but insane conspiracy theories: If you’re not interested in clicking on his sites such as–which we would understand–here’s the type of insane stuff he posts:

“Real KKK Slave Masters” are “CHEROKEE Indians (Hidden Babylonians).” 



“YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH Taught Us To Vote Republican & is Now VINDICATED.”

“BLACKS FOR TRUMP SUPPORTS SENATOR JEFF SESSIONS” (the same Sessions who once said the only thing wrong with the KKK is that they smoked pot)

He REALLY loves Trump: Why? No clue, but he has been a fixture at many rallies the then-candidate and now president has hosted around the country. As the WaPo writes in Phoenix on Tuesday night, Michael smiled and mouthed to the President, “I love you!”

It’s so very clear that not all your skinfolk in your kinfolk.

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