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The everyday hustle can get pretty boring when stuck in a rut. Work life can wear anyone down and trying to unwind in the same environment gets old fast. It’s the little things added here and there that transforms the same old reheated soup of a grind into a gumbo of excitement. Some of us go big with extreme changes like switching up the crew we hang out with or something as simple as stepping up the spice level on the next order of buffalo wings. Regardless of the method, the goal to shake the mundane remains.

Since the city of New Orleans knows more than a few things about flavor, it was only right for social media personality and podcast co-host Jamal Jimoh to ask a few of its residents how they mix it up when life get too regular to bear. This episode of The Q wants to know how do you spice things up in your everyday life?

Let us know what was the last thing you did to add some needed seasoning to an otherwise stagnant routine in the comments below. Some of us can really use the help.

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