It seems that whenever there is news to report about the city of Chicago, it’s something incredibly disturbing and disheartening about violence. That’s exactly what happened during the 4th of July weekend, as Chicago once again saw its crime rate increase to alarming levels.

In a new report from CNN, there were a record number of fatalities and shootings during the long 4th of July weekend in Chicago, which is being described as a bloody massacre. Many residents and critics feel that not enough is being done to curb the city’s crime rate, despite continued promises from Chicago law enforcement and various city officials.

Via CNN:

Chicago again — as in recent years — celebrated a bloody Fourth of July weekend, with at least 14 homicides between Friday evening and Wednesday morning, according to police. Eight of those homicides occurred during the Tuesday holiday and overnight, when more revelers poured onto the humid streets.

 More than 100 people were wounded by gunfire, said the Chicago Tribune, which reported 15 deaths. “Quite naturally, I’d like to see zero murders and zero shootings,” police Supt. Eddie Johnson told reporters at midday Tuesday. “Certainly we can’t celebrate what we’ve seen but people are out there working hard.”

 “Listen, it could always be better, but I can assure that CPD is doing everything we can to make sure the remainder of the holiday weekend goes well,” said Johnson as he announced 58 arrests one day earlier in a bid to stem the often gang-related bloodshed in the predominantly minority West and South sides.

 The Chicago police department and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives just announced a new task force aimed to decrease the use of illegal guns, which was enforced just before the 4th of July crime spree. The task force includes an additional 20 ATF agents, who arrived June 1, according to a city official, as well as 12 Chicago police officers, two Illinois state troopers, six intelligence analysts and state and federal prosecutors.

Sigh. Whatever the city of Chicago is doing to stop the violence is not enough, especially as it relates to all of the thousands of minority lives lost. Something desperately needs to be done…and fast.


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